PMD Pro Guide now available at Amazon Books

PMD Pro Guide now available at Amazon Books

PMDPro Guide

The PMD Pro Guide has been downloaded over 38 thousand times in the past three years and it is available free of costs at PM4NGOs other websites across the Internet. As a PDF document, it is accessible at most computers and mobile operational systems.

Attending suggestions from many learners and practitioners, the PMD Pro Guide is now available in Kindle and paperback formats, at Amazon Books, worldwide. There is a cost to purchase these formats, which varies from country to country. Make sure you access the Amazon site of your country to get the right local price.

We worked to make the PMD Pro Guide cost at Amazon as much lower as possible, as we would like to make it affordable to our main audience: community-based organizations and project managers.

At this moment, only the English version is available for purchasing at Amazon. We expect to publish the PMD Pro Guide in other languages and the Program DPro Guide very soon.

It is important to state and assure that PMD Pro Guide and all PM4NGOs best practices and tools will always be available free of costs in PDF format.

Download the PMD Pro Guide, full version, free of costs.

PDF Format

Purchase the PMD Pro Guide, full version, at Amazon Books.

Kindle and Paperback

APEX Global opens doors to Development and Humanitarian Sector

APEX Global opens doors to Development and Humanitarian Sector


APEX Global (, one of the Philippines’ leading learning solutions providers, announced that they have partnered with PM4NGO, an international NGO that promotes project management in the international development sector, to provide courses tailored towards the said sectors starting with the PMD Pro Certification.

“The development landscape here in the Philippines has grown significantly in the past few years.”, said Karthik Subburaman, ASSIST Asia’s Regional Director, one of APEX Global’s clients.  “I have worked with project managers who are well versed with several international PM frameworks but are unfamiliar with how the development sector operates and carries out projects”

APEX, PM4NGOs Partner, Training Partner, PMD Pro, Project Management

While project management principles remain the same across the board, a few niche factors and idiosyncrasies within the development and humanitarian sectors can affect how the project would turn out and meet closure.

“Project management has been one of our pillars throughout or years of operations,” stated Shuba Karthikeyan, Group Manager for APEX. “With the addition of PMD Pro, not only would we be solidifying our portfolio, but this way project managers interested in said sector will have enough grit to validate their competence.

APEX Global’s PMD Pro course will be launched by late October this year. Participants will receive a 2-day holistic learning experience in managing end-to-end project lifecycle, key project management areas, tools and techniques across various project management process groups; all within the context of the development and humanitarian sector.



About APEX

APEX Global’s mission is to help professionals in Philippines and ASEAN region acquire the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital economy. The company provides training in disciplines like Project Management, Business Process, Big Data and Cloud where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and demand for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply. Based in Manila, Philippines, Apex Global has helped over 300,000 professionals and companies across 5 countries get trained, acquire certifications, and up-skill their employees. Its training courses are designed and updated by renowned industry experts. APEX Global’s blended learning approach combines online videos, physical classroom training, project work, and 24/7 teaching assistance.
Visit www.apexgloballearning for more details.

Inside four walls: 3 ways to leverage your organization’s assets, network and partnerships for impact

Inside four walls: 3 ways to leverage your organization’s assets, network and partnerships for impact


This article has been originally published at Humentum

By Joanne Sonenshine, Founder + CEOConnective Impact

Perform an online search of “purpose at the workplace,” and you’ll find more than 21 million (MILLION!) results. Purpose, impact, social good, mission – these are all of the terms that drive today’s workforce. There’s simply no denying it.

Understanding the complexities of seeking purpose inside one’s four organizational walls is what propelled me to write my second book, Purposeful Profits: Inside Successful Businesses Making a Positive Global Impact. I wanted to better understand how purpose drives change from within. This topic is also one I shared with an audience of about twenty-five participants at last month’s Humentum conference here in DC. The theme? Growing Trust for Greater Impact. What better way is there to institute trust from within than to build on employees’ sense of purpose and mission?

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The Added Value of PM4NGOs Certifications

The Added Value of PM4NGOs Certifications

PMD Pro Certification

Born and raised in a developing country and having worked with many non-for-profit organizations, I was always eager to learn more about the uniqueness of the program and project management models used within organizations like NGO’s. Earlier last year, a friend of mine brought my attention to PM4NGOs. I went through their website in details and came across the certifications they offer and found them to be very interesting as they are specific to Program and Project Management for Development Projects.

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Program DPro (PgMD Pro) Rebranding

Program DPro (PgMD Pro) Rebranding

PMD Pro, Program Management

Over the past 10 years, PMD Pro has reached 27 thousand professionals, working at 1,250 organizations, in 165 countries. This is the number of professionals that we can acknowledge because they have taken the exam – but we are sure that many more project managers and their teams are applying the PMD Pro best practices. This large community has motivated and helped PM4NGOs and its partners to go beyond the project management level.

PMD Pro has given birth to a family of best practices and methodologies: Program Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Management, PMD Pro Starter, and supplemental materials like the Theory of Change and the Quick Reading Guides.

Informally, we refer to this group of guides and methodologies as the DPro Family.

DPro Family, Program Management, Project Management, Financial Management

To better align with the growing DPro family of methodologies and Guides, we rebranded our methodology PgMD Pro to Program DPro. Next year, we will also rebrand PMD Pro to become Project DPro (with a permanent reference to the original brand PMD Pro).

Rebranding is about changing perception. It is more commonly described as a change in how you look, sound, and write. This change will allow practitioners to better recognize all current and future DPro practices as member of one family.

Supporting Termanin center for prostheses

Supporting Termanin center for prostheses


by Mohammad Mansor Alatrash

Mohammad Mansor is one of the winners of the #StoryContest

Project Name: supporting Termanin center for prostheses at the north west of Syria to provide prostheses to 300 amputated children and women, who got injured because of the ongoing conflict in Syria. 
Duration of the project: 10 Months 
Organization: Polish medical mission (PMM)

A glance before the project fund approval:  A strong advocacy had been done since the beginning of the year 2018 to support this center, also I made many visits to capture the reality and the reliable estimations in time and costs to include them in the project design. Also, to foresee the risks that may confront us.

The project was launched officially the beginning of April/2018 , but to be honest it was through signing the contracts not with a project charter. So, I increased the communications with the staff and other stakeholders to ensure the good understanding for their roles, responsibilities and to get feedback about their concerns and fears. 

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Training professionals in project management

Training professionals in project management


By Bimal Ghimire

Bimal Guimire, is one of the winners of the #StoryContest.

Hi, my name is Bimal Ghimire. I am a project manager by profession and I have been managing various development related projects/programs in Nepal over past thirteen years. I took PMD Pro certification in 2014 while I was working with World Vision International Nepal where the organization rolled out PMD Pro as a part of Project Management capacity building initiatives.

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FIELD – Field Managers in Emergencies Learning and Development

FIELD – Field Managers in Emergencies Learning and Development

Development Sector, Humanitarian Sector

Save the Children is offering you the chance to get involved in the development of a pioneering humanitarian learning resource!

FIELD (Field Managers in Emergencies Learning and Development) is a ground-breaking, free capacity building programme currently being designed by Save the Children, with support of World Vision International and funding from the IKEA Foundation.

FIELD’s focus is to develop the pool of local, national, and international staff who can prepare for and take charge of in-country operational programmes in humanitarian responses.

If you want to learn more and engage, watch the FIELD Programme Video, visit FIELD Announcement Page, or contact the FIELD team:

Valerie Gebhard:

Timothy Quick:


More efficient Birth registrations and certifications process

More efficient Birth registrations and certifications process


by Peter Njuguna

Peter Njuguna is the winner of the #StoryConstest. Here, enjoy the first price story.

My name is Peter Njuguna

I have implemented a project to digitize and make birth registration and certification process more efficient in terms of turnaround time and cost for citizens. The onset of this project coincided with my finishing PMD Pro course. It is implemented in coastal counties of Kenya. The project has an intensive government involvement as main duty bearer and therefore timeliness, systematic management of every stage, methodical handling of issues, risk identification, elaborate risk mitigation strategies and cost sustainability prove at scale is important. Managing such a project, whose interventions are all integrated and range from technology to non-technology and advocacy, requires elaborate project management tools to manage risk, issues, stakeholder, and budgets among others. This is exactly what PMD Pro provided me with! Elaborate, practical and robust tools.

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