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PM4NGOs has been the guardian of PMD Pro since 2011, but its story started four years before when LINGOs began to work with a group of international NGOs in 2007 to collectively define agreed upon principles and best practices in project management in the development sector.

That early group received some funding from PMIEF and included Catholic Relief Services, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, Save the Children, Oxfam and others as well as representatives from The Project Management Institute. The work of that group laid out a framework for the Project Management in Development curriculum which was developed and field tested by over 200 practitioners from 15 organizations in 20 countries between 2010 and 2011.

Since the guide and certification development, 2016 was the best year: we had 3,301 new certified professionals last year, 10,4% more than in 2015 and the highest number of certified professionals in the history of PMD Pro.

We have reached 14,363 certified professionals in 148 countries, from a total of 18,564 exams taken. 75% of certified professionals are in the developing countries.

Considering only countries with 100 or more PMD Professionals, some presented remarkable results:

  • Sri Lanka (256,06% increase) – from 66 to 235
  • Syria (240,35% increase) – from 57 to 194
  • India (156,60% increase) – from 53 to 136
  • Nigeria (151,80% increase) – from 139 to 350
  • Mexico (107,35% increase) – from 68 to 141
  • Turkey (90% increase) – from 160 to 304
  • Ghana (69,33% increase) – from 75 to 127

We are sure that 2017 will also be a great year. With the Program Guide coming in the next months and a beginning of PMD Pro review at the end of the year, we expect to reach more professionals, in more countries, impacting thousands of projects and beneficiaries.

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Transformative technology solutions and skills you need to improve your organization.

Transformative technology solutions and skills you need to improve your organization.


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PMD Pro picture of the month – December, 2016

Project DPro, Training

Hassan Jenedie, Capacity Building Director in Orange, took this amazing picture of a WBS development during a PMD Pro training in Gaziantep that was attended by multiple local and international NGOs.

PMD Pro turns Project Management into a universal language – even if you do not understand Arabic, you will recognize this picture as a Work Breakdown Structure.

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