Alan Harpham Award 2016 open for nominations!

Alan Harpham Award
PM4NGOs invites you to nominate candidates for the Alan Harpham Award 2016. We are seeking nominations for individuals with distinguished actions in promoting the project management professionalization in the international development and humanitarian sectors by using PM4NGOs methodologies and tools, such as PMD Pro. The selected winner will demonstrate not only leadership in advocating for project management professionalization. He or she will demonstrate innovation of PMD Pro tools application, impact on project management maturity, and promoting the access to those who are most in need and to a range of stakeholders in the sector such as community-based organizations or local NGOs. The last date for submission of nominations is October 28, 2016. Please visit the Award Page to read about Alan Harpham, understand the award criteria, and submit your nomination.
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The story behind PMD Pro Starter

Board Members, Development Sector, Project DPro, Tools
Whenever I finish a PMD Pro level one training, I can pretty much guarantee what the first two questions are going to be. “When can I do level two”? and “Is there something I can use for my partners”? Let’s leave level two to be the subject of another blog but until now there has not really been a satisfactory answer to the second question. How can people use PMD Pro for their partners? What tools can help? Clearly, people can encourage partners to do the free e-learning modules, download the guide etc. Alternatively, they can organise some training for their partners – or even run the training themselves. It does, however, feel like an “all or nothing” approach. What if the local partners do not speak one of the…
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Featured PMD Pro picture of the month

Case Studies, Program Management, Project DPro, Project Management, Tools
How about sharing your training or best practice picture with all PMD Pro professionals and PM4NGOs partner organizations? Each month, PM4NGOs will select one new picture of a PMD Pro training or tools application to become the Featured Picture of the Month. Send your picture to and tell us the story behind it (please see the criteria and requirements below). (more…)
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PgMD Pro Guide Write Shop

Development Sector, Program Management
What started in California in September 2015, PM4NGOs completed its final draft on “Program Management Guide for Development Professional” (PGM Pro) during the week of 25th – 29th July 2016, at Baltimore, MD, USA.Experts, practitioners, leaders and educators in development sector gathered up in this important Write Shop to review the preliminary draft of 2015 and completing the final one. This is another milestone for PM4NGOs to produce such practitioner’s guide book in addition to its popular “Project Management for Development Professional” (PMD Pro) Guide. Experts, practitioners, leaders and educators in development sector gathered up in this important Write Shop to review the preliminary draft of 2015 and completing the final one. This is another milestone for PM4NGOs to produce such practitioner’s guidebook in addition to its popular “Project Management…
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Slap a certificate on me I’m done! How are we separating the certificate from certification?

Slap a certificate on me I’m done! How are we separating the certificate from certification?

Development Sector, Project DPro Certification
I recently worked on designing a certificate toolkit for our members to help them market learning within their organizations. As I worked through the quick guide and designed a very nice (I may be biased there) certificate template, it got me thinking about the validity of these certificates. For some learners, getting a certificate is really important and gives them a sense of accomplishment, but do we switch their focus from capacity building to stamp collecting? Instead of saying ‘I think therefore I am,’ we seem to have developed the phrase ‘I am certified therefore I can’.  But how true is this, and how can we use certificates to better reflect reality? This is important for learners, as well as managers who will want to see these certificates. What makes…
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PM4NGOs new logo

Project DPro, Project DPro Guide
We are proud to announce the launch of our new organization logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the PM4NGOs brand. The new logo defines an easily identifiable brand, reflecting the quality or our products, confidence and trust on our partnerships, and clarity and friendly aspects of all methodologies and guides we develop and share. Although we are very proud of our new logo, the changes we are making and the brand that we are developing goes far beyond the logo. Over the next year, we will launch new methodologies and improve our community platform. The new logo is not the only change we’ve got planned, so keep an eye out for some subtle visual changes on PM4NGOs over the next year too. You’ll start to see the suite…
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We would like to hear you

Development Sector, Project DPro, Project DPro Certification
We are 12,691 certified Project Management Development Professionals, based in 144 countries. If we count all participants that took the APMG exam and add a projection of 20% to all participants that have taken the exam, we might reach 20 thousand PMD practitioners. 20 thousand practitioners! The tools and methods implementation after the certification is what matters for the beneficiaries. It is the application of the PMDPro knowledge that produces better projects and improves the efficiency and impact of development projects. (more…)
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Are we listening enough to local voices?

Development Sector
I’ve taken a couple of days to reflect on what I heard at the WHS and what I didn’t hear.  My first reflection is that local voices were not prominent enough and that the WHS process did not listen to them enough.  My second reflection was that those with most power chose either not to come, or not to use their powerful voices to call for the kind of revolutionary change that is needed.  I hope, but am not yet sure, that the future echoes of the summit will create an opportunity for deeper and more equal partnerships between international and local organisations, as well as greater diversity of collaborations which will promote innovation. Local Voices The odds were stacked against being able to hear local voices.  Local actors were…
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PMDPro overview: IPMA Brasil

Project DPro, Project DPro Guide, Project Management
IPMA Brasil team has developed a PMDPro article that synthesize the best practices guide. This is an excellent overview of the PMDPro phases, knowledge fields and tools that allows the reader to have a good comprehension of the PMDPro prior to the guide reading. Please click in the links below to download the articles in English or Portuguese: [wpdm_package id='2508'] [wpdm_package id='2511']
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