PM4NGOs People – Trevor Nelson (Chair)

PM4NGOs People – Trevor Nelson (Chair)

Board Members

Trevor K. Nelson is an accomplished Project and Program Manager, with over 20 years of experience managing multiple projects. He has managed over 500 projects in a variety of industries, including architecture (design), construction, non-profits, professional associations, religious organizations, training and software.

As president of Nelson Project Consulting, Mr. Nelson is recognized as an expert on overall project management, receiving requests for consultation and advice from around the world. He is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a Level C Certified Project Manager by asapm (IPMA-USA), and a PMD Pro 2 by PM4NGOs.

He is currently the Board Chair of PM4NGOs, and is a former Vice-President of asapm (IPMA-USA). In these capacities Mr. Nelson is active in promoting sound project management practices, enhancing the theory of project management, and developing and improving the competencies of Project Managers and organizations worldwide. In addition, he writes frequently on project management topics, and has contributed to several project management standards.

PM4NGOs People – Emily Fereday

PM4NGOs People – Emily Fereday

Board Members

Emily Fereday is Country Director for the UK/ Europe region of RedR UK, an international humanitarian NGO which supports aid organisations and other humanitarian actors across the world by developing skills and providing expertise. At RedR UK, Emily provides strategic direction for RedR UK’s work in Europe and on a range of Global programmes which cover areas including humanitarian principles, technical and security training and project and programme management.

Emily has a learning and development background with 17 years of experience in non-profit organisations. She has lived and worked in China, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya managing Teacher Development and Education in Emergencies Programmes with VSO and Save the Children and has worked for UNICEF developing a Humanitarian learning strategy.

Emily is qualified with PMD Pro 1 and 2 and has been involved with RedR’s work in supporting individuals to gain the qualifications since 2010. She has an MA oxon from Keble College, Oxford University, an MSc in Development Studies from SOAS, London University and a PGCE from Westminster College, Oxford.

PM4NGOs People – Amanda Fleetwood

PM4NGOs People – Amanda Fleetwood

Board Members

With over 10 years of management experience in the private and non-governmental sectors, Amanda diverse background, in both the domestic and international fields, grants her unique insight of the needs and processes necessary for successful implementation of projects and procedures for businesses, companies and organizations. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from York College of Pennsylvania in York, Pennsylvania (USA) and a Master of Science in International Public Service and Masters Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Amanda’s expertise is in international development with a concentration in women’s and gender studies.  She has worked in Latin America and the Middle East and understands and navigates the cultural contexts of both regions.  Amanda is well versed in the subjects of: monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, refugees and human migration, human rights, women’s and gender issues, sustainable development, organizational development, writing and ethics.  She has delivered needs assessments, trainings, research, and, monitoring and evaluations on a variety of development topics for non-governmental organizations in Jordan and the USA.

In addition to her NGO experience, Ms. Fleetwood has substantial knowledge of the private sector.


PM4NGOs People – Lisa Robbins-Garland

PM4NGOs People – Lisa Robbins-Garland

Board Members

Lisa Robbins-Garland has over 10 years of experience in international humanitarian and development work, with firsthand experience of how program management can make or break our ability to achieve positive change. As Senior Advisor for Program Management, she is currently managing revisions to Mercy Corps’ Program Management policy, minimum standards, manual, toolkit and global support model. This process incorporates findings from a recent review of the past 6 years of Mercy Corps program management learning, and will help institutionalize adaptive management.

Lisa has spent the last two and a half years creating a global program management capacity building model and communities of practice across the 40+ countries. She is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and is a member of the Bond Project Management group and the PM for Development cross-organization working group.

In addition to global roles, Lisa has held programmatic, operations and technical positions in West and Central Africa including: Deputy Country Director, Program Manager, Head of Office, Gender Specialist, and Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. In her experience with Mercy Corps, Care International and the UN, Lisa has worked in a range of programmatic areas, including child protection, gender-based violence prevention and response, food security and resilience, youth employment, and international human rights law.

PM4NGOs People – Peter Marlow

PM4NGOs People – Peter Marlow

Board Members

Peter is an experienced Project Manager, having delivered a wide range of ICT systems in both the public and private sectors in the UK. He is a graduate of Imperial College London and a Chartered Engineer (MIET). He is also a PRINCE 2 Practitioner and a Member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM). He is qualified to PMD Pro Level 1.

Peter’s career moved from electronic hardware design into software development, and then into technical project management. He founded a business, Softcopy Limited, to provide electronic publishing solutions to industry and the media.

Peter is Director of Project Managers Against Poverty (PMAP), a not-for-profit organisation, which provides an e-mentoring network for project managers who work in international development. He is also a trustee of The Kambia Appeal, a UK-based charity that aims to improve the medical conditions in the Kambia district of Sierra Leone. Peter is co-chair of the Bond project management group.


Why is PMD Pro a good learning model? A few answers from the LINGOs Global Learning Forum

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From L-R: Amanda Fleetwood, Thomas Dente, Emily Fereday, John Cropper

I had the pleasure of attending the LINGOs Global Learning Forum in Seattle last month on behalf of PM4NGOs. It was a really worthwhile event and great to meet some inspiring people including the brilliant Julian Stodd whose blog you can find here if you feel like a thought-provoking read! Talking to other delegates at the event, it was evident that PMD Pro has had a real impact in the humanitarian and development sectors. It’s great that over 17,000 users have taken PMD Pro but it’s interesting to see that the reach is broader than that and goes beyond individuals. Several organisations I spoke to have adopted the PMD Pro project methodology and so even those who haven’t gained the certification appear to be benefiting from the approach.

Talking to other delegates at the event, it was evident that PMD Pro has had a real impact in the humanitarian and development sectors. It’s great that over 17,000 users have taken PMD Pro but it’s interesting to see that the reach is broader than that and goes beyond individuals.

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Join PM4NGOs Board of Directors

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PM4NGOs seeks motivated candidates to join our Board of Directors. PM4NGOs promotes the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector. We invite applications from individuals with a passion for NGO project management and a drive to influence, enable and empower development professionals around the globe. Holders of PMD Pro certification who have experienced the benefits of the standard first hand through work in the community / field projects or organizations are especially encouraged to apply.

PM4NGOs’ directors empathize with the organization’s vision and mission, are unpaid and act as advisors to the organization’s Operations Manager in their specific areas of expertise. As the organization is small, they also use their professional expertise to support and contribute to the work of the organization. Our organization relies on its Board to guide organizational strategy, fundraising, marketing, product development and fiscal responsibility. PM4NGOs directors come from the NGO and private sectors and have a range of specialist expertise including project and programme management, NGO administration, governance and law, professional training and skill building, finance, fundraising, communications and marketing and monitoring & evaluation. Continue reading “Join PM4NGOs Board of Directors”

The story behind PMD Pro Starter

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Whenever I finish a PMD Pro level one training, I can pretty much guarantee what the first two questions are going to be. “When can I do level two”? and “Is there something I can use for my partners”? Let’s leave level two to be the subject of another blog but until now there has not really been a satisfactory answer to the second question. How can people use PMD Pro for their partners? What tools can help?

Clearly, people can encourage partners to do the free e-learning modules, download the guide etc. Alternatively, they can organise some training for their partners – or even run the training themselves. It does, however, feel like an “all or nothing” approach. What if the local partners do not speak one of the languages that PMD Pro has been translated into? What if they don’t need to do the exam? What if their level of capacity is quite low and PMD Pro as it stands, is overkill?

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#NoEstimates – De-Mystified

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For some time now within the software development community on Twitter, and by extension, some in the project management community, there has been an ongoing discussion surrounding a concept called No Estimates. Actually, the discussion (sometimes heated) has been around the hashtag #NoEstimates.

These discussions started out, as most discussions do, as an interaction between supposed professionals over a central concept, with both proponents and opponents, supporters and detractors. And like most conversations on the internet, it soon devolved into name calling, accusations of trolling, questioning of professionalism or qualifications, blocking of accounts, etc.

– I’m thinking of Godwins’ Law here – “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.”

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