PMD Pro Success Story: Maged Kassoum

PMD Pro Success Story: Maged Kassoum

Case Studies, PMD Pro, PMD Pro Certification, Project Management

Name: Maged Kassoum
Country: Syria
Study: Self-Study or Training 

“I am Maged Kassoum. A humanitarian young man worker based in Syria. I think no effort is required to define or explain SYRIA.
I am writing to tell you about my experience in achieving PMD Pro Level1, especially how I proudly gained PMD Pro certificate.

Living in conflict zone, I apprehend the deep need for acquiring more professional skills and competences in humanitarian domain, especially in project development sector. I joined many INGOs: Syria Recovery Trust Fund/SRTF as field coordination officer; Islamic Relief Worldwide as FLS project officer and ACTED as TVET and SME Livelihoods assistant.

During that time, my need to have more knowledge about managing projects increased fast; it even turned to a must. I was eager to attend and to study the most professional course which enable me to manage relief and aid projects professionally.

Again, short time available to educate myself due to my engagement in relief work, unsafe environment due to different war works- fighting between opposed sides, battles, air attacks and different bombardment- and other catastrophic circumstances prevented me from attending development and training center.

At last, I decided to search the internet for the ideal platform which can grant me this professional training. I registered in because I see it verified and reliable one. I read about PMD Pro in its content.

I started studying the course step by step taking notes and important pieces of information on my notebook. Learning PMD Pro is honestly exciting process. It needs you to be patience and it requires to focus and to concentrate on different Important details which includes all analysis processes, treatments, plans and charts from different sides and aspects. This is because PMD Pro course is really comprehensive one. It has rich and valuable content. I studied unit by unit making use and exploiting my past experience and knowledge in Humanitarian domain. I could feel the increase of my knowledge during the progress in learning process among the content units. So many concepts, topics and ideas with which I am familiar are enhanced along with my acquisition of new concepts, principles and fundamentals of project management.

Maged Kassoum success story with Project Management in Syria

Really, this course is ordered in proper manner which enables trainees to understand, practice and to test themselves. Moreover, PMD Pro course is divided into separated modules in a proper way in order for the trainee to absorb every subject well.

Another fundamental landmark which distinguishes studying PMD Pro is the ability to pause your study whenever you are obliged to depart your computer: cut or weak internet access or sudden loss of power resource-as most frequently happened in conflict states like Syria. You can resume your study from the point you stopped at last time at any time you are ready again.

In my opinion, primary exam of the units and quizzes for each unit or basic and essential idea and concepts in PMD Pro program are the most distinguished features of the adopted methodology in this platform.

After I successfully finished studying the course including all assigned materials and units, I contact PMD Pro training team requesting access to attend the exam. Short time later, they answer me with approval and they dispatched me the code which enables me to take the exam. I prepared myself well to take the exam taking into consideration all preparedness. I started the exam on 4th September. Unfortunately, I did not reach the middle of the exam as I remember when my town encountered brutal air raids. Many air strikes hit the area where I live. Internet access was cut and I was forced to leave my computer. This DESTROYED my entire dream! Two days later, I access the exam portal to know I lost my chance to resume the exam. I think I left it open when I exited it first time.

There is no hope left! I reflect on my situation and I decided to contact the administration of PMD Pro Exam Administration and PMD Guide to explain my situation. Really, I communicated with them illustrating my situation and conditions. Immediately, they respond to my appeal and promise me to grant me the opportunity to take the exam again. Many thanks from my heart to The Disaster Ready Team, APMG and others!

The order of the PMD exam is excellent. The way, according to which the questions are prepared is interactive. In addition, there is enough time given to students who studied the course to pass it. Furthermore, the exam has variety of questions which amazingly cover the entire course so that students who studied the course well will definitely feel content with the PMD Pro exam and its questions.

Now I feel pleasure and satisfaction after I passed the exam and after I got the certificate which will be issued soon. Again, I would love to express my gratitude for PM4NGOs for helping me reaching my destination. Really, PMD Pro has increased my knowledge in humanitarian work and development project sector. I am sure I will apply what I learnt from this course in the coming days making use of the content and I am sure PMD Pro course will upgrade my career status.

Cordially, thank you PM4NGOs for this self-learning material and for PM4NGOs’ team appreciated help.

Maged Kassoum 15/09/2018″

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!إدارة المشاريع التنموية تستحقُ العناء بكل تأكيد

Case Studies

تلعب المنظمات غير الحكومية اليوم دوراً أساسياً في مكافحة الفقر وذلك من خلال التدخلات التنموية والإنسانية في العديد من البلدان التي يحتاج فيها الناس الى المساعدات والإغاثة.

كُنتُ أعمل قبل عِدة سنوات في إحدى المنظمات غير الحكومية الرائدة في اليمن، وعندما انضممت لأول مرة ، كنت مرتكباً ولم أكن أعرف آلية العمل ومنهجيته إذ كُنتُ مستجداً في المجال الإنساني آنذاك، إستغرقني الأمر حوالي عامين ونصف وذلك من خلال الممارسة والعمل المباشر مع مختلف الوحدات الأساسية والمكاتب الخدمية هناك، بالإضافة إلى الكثير من القراءة للأدلة المختلفة التي تشرح آلية عمل كل وحدة بالإضافة الى تصفح ومطالعة عدد من الموارد الأخرى المتوفرة عبر شبكة الإنترنت. عندها فقط تمكنت من فهم المجال وآلية العمل ودور الوحدات المختلفة التي تعمل بتناغم من أجل مساعدة من هم بحاجة الى الدعم، وبالتالي، أصبحتُ أكثر نشاطا وإندماجاً كما اني كُنت أستغرق وقتاً أقل لإنجاز الأعمال التي يتم تكليفي بها وبذلك أصبح ألجميع سعداء بما أُنجِز.

بعد عامين أخبرني أحد الاصدقاء المقربين عن دورة إدارة المشاريع وكنت متشوقاً حينها لمعرفة المزيد عنها، وكيف بإمكانها ان تُضيف الى مهاراتي ومعلوماتي التي سبق لي أن إكتسبتها، أرسل لي صديقي الرابط والكتاب الإلكتروني و أبدى أعجاباً شديداً بالمحتوى، وكيف أنه استمتع بهذه الدورة التدريبية كثيراً، وأضاف: “لقد انضممت مؤخراً إلى إحدى المنظمات الغير حكومية الدولية العاملة في اليمن، وقد ساعدتني هذه الدورة على فهم آلية عمل المنظمات غير الحكومية. الآن يمكنني الانضمام إلى الاجتماعات مع مختلف المدراء هناك بثقة أكبر”. عندها إنطلقت لإلقاء نظرة ورؤية على هذا المنهج، لأنه وبصراحة، صديقي هذا كان ذكياً وما حدثني به عن هذه الدورة التدريبية والمنهج الذي يقدمونه كان بمثابة تشجيعاً إضافياً للحصول على الشهادة

بدأتُ القراءة ومن دون شعور مني كنت ابتسم وأومئ برأسي إقراراً عند قراءة كل صفحة من المنهج، كان مايسرده واقعياً وفي الصميم. تمنيتُ حقاً لو أنه تسني لي الحصول عليه وتصفح محتواه قبل سنوات سابقة.

خلال أسبوعين فقط، كنتُ قد قرأت محتوى الدورة التدريبية مرتين، واثناء ذلك ملأت دفتري بملاحظات قيمة جداً. عندما انتهيت من القراءة قمت بالإمتحان التجريبي و نجحت! حينها قررت أن آخذ الاختبار الفعلي، نجحتُ أيضاً! الإمتحان لم يكُن سهلاً على الإطلاق، لم تكُن الشهادات تُقدَم بالمجان، كان الأمر جادّاً مما جعلني احترمهم ومايُقدمونه أكثر.

الجديرُ بالذكر أني كُنت أمتلك ثلاث سنوات من الخبرة الجيدة في منظمة غير حكومية كُبرى في اليمن، كما ذكرتُ آنفاً، لذا لم يكن كل شيء في الدورة التدريبية جديداً بالنسبة لي، ولكنه كان بلا شك أكثر تركيزًا وقد وضع كل القطع معًا مكوناً تُحفةً فنيةً أشكُ قطعاً أن أي عامل في منظمة غير حكومية لن يُحبها بل وسيحتفظ بها كمورد ثمين أثناء التخطيط / الإدارة / المراقبة / المساعدة في أي مشروعٍ تنموي أو إنساني.

حاليّاً أنا أعمل في إحدى أكبر المنظمات غير الحكومية الدولية في العالم، فقد كان العمل في المجال الإنساني شغفي مُنذُ البداية. وعلى الرغم من خبرتي التي تجاوزت الست سنوات في مجالات مُختلفة منها الإتصال والإعلام، والمراقبة والتقييم، وإدارة البيانات، وعلاقات المانحين فإني ما زلت أجد منهج إدارة المشاريع التنموية مورداً قيماً كلما احتجت إليه، إنه بمثابة توجيه لمن يرغب في إحداث تغيير بطريقة صحيحة ومهنية.

الى يومنا هذا، لن أنسى كيف شعرت عندما تصفحت محتوى هذه الدورة القيّم، كُنتُ سعيداً للغاية وشعرتُ بأني مُطّلع بعمق في هذا المجال بعد قراءته، وعلى عكس العديد من الدورات الأخرى، لم تُخفِ هذه الدورة شيئاً، بل أعطت كل المعرفة التي يتطلبها هذا المجال، وكانت للعقل غذاءاً كما الأمُّ لوليدها.
أُدين لهم بكل الإحترام الذي يستحقونه، وأتمنى أن يستفيد أكبر عدد من الناس بهذه الدورة كما إستفدتُ أنا.

ابراهيم يحيى الوزير

PMD Is Definitely Worth It!

PMD Is Definitely Worth It!

Case Studies

NGOs play a major role today in fighting poverty through development and humanitarian interventions in several countries where people are in need. I was working in one of the major and leading NGOs in Yemen and When I first joined, I was really confused and I didn’t know how it operates, it took me about two years and a half through practice and working closely with the different units and supporting offices, in addition to lots of reading through the different internal manuals of each unit and many other external resources online. Only then I became aware, thus, more active and involved and it took me less time to do things while everyone was happy with what I achieved. 2 years later a friend of mine told me about pm4ngos Project Management for Development (PMD) course and I was intrigued, he sent me the link and the electronic book and he explained that he was impressed by it and that he enjoyed it much. He said: “I have recently joined an international NGO, this course really helped me understand how NGOs operate, now I can join meetings with the different managers there with more confidence”. I said well, I am going to have a look and see, because honestly, that friend of mine was smart and him saying that about the PMD course was an additional encouragement for me to get the PMD certification. I started reading and without knowing I was smiling and nodding my head with every page I read. It is just realistic and straight to point. I wished I had access to it years before. In 2 weeks I had read the course twice and filled my notebook with valuable notes from it. When I was ready, I took the demo exam and I passed, so I took the real one, I passed too, the exam wasn’t easy though, they weren’t just giving away certificates, they were serious about it and I respected that much.
It is important to mention that I had 3 good years of experience in a major NGO in Yemen as I said earlier, so it wasn’t all new to me, yet, it was more focused and it had put all pieces together forming an amazing masterpiece, that I doubt any NGO worker wouldn’t love it and keep it as a valuable resource while planning/managing/monitoring/assisting-with any project.
Recently I am working with one of the biggest, most influencing INGOs in the world, it has been my passion since the very beginning to be a humanitarian worker. Despite my 6 years experience that varies between media, monitoring and evaluation, data management, donor relations and communications, I still find PMD valuable whenever I need it, it’s like a a guidance for those willing to make a change, the right way, professionally.
Until today, I won’t forget how PMD made me feel when I first had access to it, I was so delighted, well-informed and at peace, unlike many other courses, PMD hid nothing, it gave all the knowledge a humanitarian might need, it nurtured the brain as a loving mother nurtures her son, I owe them all the respect they deserve and I wish as many people will benefit from PMD the way I did.

Ibrahim Yahia Alwazir



Training is not the “Magic” Formula but the Line Manager Is

Training is not the “Magic” Formula but the Line Manager Is

Case Studies, Development Sector, Training

This article was originally published on the website of the CHS Alliance by Faye Ekong.

What makes training stick: The trainee, the training and the workplace environment.

Commitment 8 of the CHS emphasizes the importance of supporting staff to implement their work effectively. Organisations generally agree that competent, well managed, motivated and engaged staff are crucial in ensuring the communities and populations we serve receive the assistance they need. However, the question arises on how to ensure that staff are able to develop necessary competencies and more importantly succeed in applying and transferring them to their daily work.

Frequently, the default reaction by many organisations, HR practitioners and managers is to view training as the solution to address performance and competency issues within their teams. At the same time, our workforce is increasingly demanding and expecting a formal training to come their way now and again.

But what actually makes training stick after the curtains have closed, the certificates are issued and the participants have departed? How come some trainings have more of an impact than others and how come some people are able to apply their learning back in their jobs and others aren’t? Continue reading “Training is not the “Magic” Formula but the Line Manager Is”

Mentoring without borders

Mentoring without borders

Case Studies, Development Sector

This blog was first published on PMAP

When Indonesian NGO worker Ferita Taufik sought expert advice from British project manager Marisa Silva both parties profited, they tell Project.

Project management consultant Marisa Silva e-mentored, or remotely mentored, Ferita Taufik, and NGO worker managing a quality project at Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), an Indonesian social enterprise. Project asks how their six-month mentoring relationship developed – and discovers that both gained valuable lessons from the experience.

Project: Marisa, how did your relationship with Ferita get started?
Marisa: We got together visually thanks to Project Managers Against Poverty’s e-mentoring network, for project managers who work in international development and the third sector. There is a matchmaking service that matches mentors with mentees. Ferita chose me because of my expertise in quality assurance.

Read the full article on PMAP. Click “Mentoring without Borders” to check out.

The Importance of a Good Business Case

The Importance of a Good Business Case

Case Studies

The UK has over 900 public sector organisations, with each typically planning and procuring around 10 key investments every year. As vast amounts of money are being invested around the country on new projects, a number of questions arise: How can we ensure value for money? How can we ensure we have selected the correct course of action? How can we ensure these investments are justified?

The answer lies in the business case. Business cases should provide scrutiny, ensuring that what is proposed is:

  • The right sort of investment
  • Affordable, desirable and viable
  • Offering value for money for shareholders and/or customers

The problem is, the importance of business cases is often undervalued and not given sufficient resources or funding. This has led to underestimated costs, inflated budgets and missed deadlines. In the worst of cases, it leads to project failure, as requirements are not met, and business value is not delivered. Continue reading “The Importance of a Good Business Case”

Business Case capability improvement – a myth or a reality?

Business Case capability improvement – a myth or a reality?

Case Studies

A question that APMG is often asked is “show me where the knowledge that you create in a training product is being used to increase capability?“

Many examples exist, a legacy of delivering certified training products for 23 years across the globe. In the area of Business Case capability, the investment that The Treasury has made in the New Zealand Government highlights what can be achieved through an integrated approach.

If capability is defined as the power or ability to do something, then the approach taken by The Treasury has definitely resulted in improved capability. Theory from the APMG Better Business Case (BBC) certification states that improving business case development will;

  • Reduce unnecessary spend and optimize public value;
  • Reduce consultancy costs;
  • Provide faster delivery and a clear proportionate approval process; and
    Improve the quality of decision making.

Continue reading “Business Case capability improvement – a myth or a reality?”

Creative in Conflict: Project Management Training in Syria via WhatsApp

Case Studies

The war in Syria has created one of the most challenging environments for NGOs to operate in. Financial resources are extremely limited, communication networks are poor and electricity is in short supply. The security situation has forced almost half the population to flee to safety which means there are fewer skilled people left in Syria and those trying to enter the country face numerous risks and problems. As a result, NGOs are in desperate need of project managers but are struggling to recruit or train them.

Marifah for Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey decided to tackle this problem by utilising one of the most reliable free communication tools it has access to: WhatsApp. With the organizational motto, ‘Creative Investment in Creative People,’ they came up with the idea of providing training in Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro) using WhatsApp to engage trainees directly through their phones or computers.

Dr Mohammad Abo Hilal of Marifah, conducted the training with the Syrian Expatriates Organization and Afaq Academy for Development and Change by first sending out an advertisement. “We prepared an advert and sent it out via WhatsApp to different groups,” he said. “We then selected 45 trainees and created a WhatsApp group for them, and another group for the coordination team which included a project manager, the trainers, supervisors and coordinators.” Continue reading “Creative in Conflict: Project Management Training in Syria via WhatsApp”