PMD Pro Success Story: Maged Kassoum

PMD Pro Success Story: Maged Kassoum

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Name: Maged Kassoum
Country: Syria
Study: Self-Study or Training 

“I am Maged Kassoum. A humanitarian young man worker based in Syria. I think no effort is required to define or explain SYRIA.
I am writing to tell you about my experience in achieving PMD Pro Level1, especially how I proudly gained PMD Pro certificate.

Living in conflict zone, I apprehend the deep need for acquiring more professional skills and competences in humanitarian domain, especially in project development sector. I joined many INGOs: Syria Recovery Trust Fund/SRTF as field coordination officer; Islamic Relief Worldwide as FLS project officer and ACTED as TVET and SME Livelihoods assistant.

During that time, my need to have more knowledge about managing projects increased fast; it even turned to a must. I was eager to attend and to study the most professional course which enable me to manage relief and aid projects professionally.

Again, short time available to educate myself due to my engagement in relief work, unsafe environment due to different war works- fighting between opposed sides, battles, air attacks and different bombardment- and other catastrophic circumstances prevented me from attending development and training center.

At last, I decided to search the internet for the ideal platform which can grant me this professional training. I registered in because I see it verified and reliable one. I read about PMD Pro in its content.

Digital Badges Now Available for PMD Pro and PgMD Pro Certified Professionals

Digital Badges Now Available for PMD Pro and PgMD Pro Certified Professionals

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This article was originally published on APMG.

APMG International has launched digital badges for successful candidates to share a credential online and easily broadcast certified skills to employers and other interested parties.

Over 10,000 digital badges have been issued already!
We are delighted to announce that more than 10,000 digital badges have been issued as of June 2018!

Find out more about claiming your APMG digital badge:

Successful candidates can now claim a digital badge to embed on an email signature, website, social media platforms or a digital CV. With just one click employers, clients, customers and other interested parties can easily view and verify credentials and skills.

To deliver the digital badges, APMG has partnered with Acclaim, a global leader who supply open badges for a wide range of academic institutions and global businesses. Candidates accessing their website badges on the Acclaim platform can also access labour market insights data which tags skills earned from the certification to available jobs searchable by location, employer, and salary range. Applying for a job is just a few clicks away.

“Our open badges are secure digital representations of credentials. Through a single click employers can verify the certification, understand the qualification and something of the process required to earn it,” says Nicholas Houlton, COO, APMG International. “The badge can be easily embedded on a CV, email signature and social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.”

Digital badges are available for exams currently delivered by APMG. To access their digital badge candidates must have taken their exam with APMG International from 1 January 2016 to current date.


Share your success on social media

Candidates can also raise their profile and share their exam success by clicking on the Twitter and LinkedIn buttons in the candidate portal. Sharing your certification success demonstrates:

  • You are committed to continual improvement
  • Your skills are current
  • You are a highly skilled professional


How to claim your badge

To embed your digital badge simply log into the APMG candidate portal and click on the create badge button. For full instructions visit APMG’s presentation.

Please note The certification needs to be currently available by APMG International, and the exam must have been successfully passed after 1 January 2016.

PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite

PMD Pro Guide renew and rewrite

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This month we started the PMD Pro renew and rewrite process. Board Members, staff, and PMD Pro specialists met for three days and were able to outline the new edition of PMD Pro structure and content. An amazing output!

Well, actually, this process has started last year, when we collected suggestions and feedbacks. Trainers and practitioners have recommended what could be included in the guide, what should be more detailed, and if there is any tool, technique, or content that should be removed.

Why are we updating PMD Pro?

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PMD Pro Exams Migration to the new APMG system

PMD Pro Exams Migration to the new APMG system

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PMD Pro new exam system has been live since February and, because of exams purchased and booked prior to the new system launch, APMG has kept the old system also live.

The old system will be closing at the end of July. NGOs and candidates would need to book further exams through the new system.

If you or your organization has remaining exams bookings in the old system, do not worry: APMG will automatically transfer remaining exams to the new system. Next week APMG will contact all account owners who have remaining exams.

Please look at the new exam system guides:

If you need any assistance with the system migration, do not hesitate to contact APMG ( or our team (

PMD Pro Exam System and Guidelines

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Attending requests from trainers and training organizations, APMG has upgraded the PMD Pro exam system. The new system is live and brings several new features and improvements.

Although the new system has changed the purchase, invigilation, and candidate registration, no changes have been made in the exam itself. In other words, candidates will have better control on their registration and results, but taking the exam is pretty much the same.

Please see what has changed, what hasn´t, and where to find support for accessing the new system: Continue reading “PMD Pro Exam System and Guidelines”

A great year for PMD Pro

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PM4NGOs has been the guardian of PMD Pro since 2011, but its story started four years before when LINGOs began to work with a group of international NGOs in 2007 to collectively define agreed upon principles and best practices in project management in the development sector.

That early group received some funding from PMIEF and included Catholic Relief Services, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, Save the Children, Oxfam and others as well as representatives from The Project Management Institute. The work of that group laid out a framework for the Project Management in Development curriculum which was developed and field tested by over 200 practitioners from 15 organizations in 20 countries between 2010 and 2011.

Since the guide and certification development, 2016 was the best year: we had 3,301 new certified professionals last year, 10,4% more than in 2015 and the highest number of certified professionals in the history of PMD Pro.

We have reached 14,363 certified professionals in 148 countries, from a total of 18,564 exams taken. 75% of certified professionals are in the developing countries.

Considering only countries with 100 or more PMD Professionals, some presented remarkable results:

  • Sri Lanka (256,06% increase) – from 66 to 235
  • Syria (240,35% increase) – from 57 to 194
  • India (156,60% increase) – from 53 to 136
  • Nigeria (151,80% increase) – from 139 to 350
  • Mexico (107,35% increase) – from 68 to 141
  • Turkey (90% increase) – from 160 to 304
  • Ghana (69,33% increase) – from 75 to 127

We are sure that 2017 will also be a great year. With the Program Guide coming in the next months and a beginning of PMD Pro review at the end of the year, we expect to reach more professionals, in more countries, impacting thousands of projects and beneficiaries.

Why is PMD Pro a good learning model? A few answers from the LINGOs Global Learning Forum

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From L-R: Amanda Fleetwood, Thomas Dente, Emily Fereday, John Cropper

I had the pleasure of attending the LINGOs Global Learning Forum in Seattle last month on behalf of PM4NGOs. It was a really worthwhile event and great to meet some inspiring people including the brilliant Julian Stodd whose blog you can find here if you feel like a thought-provoking read! Talking to other delegates at the event, it was evident that PMD Pro has had a real impact in the humanitarian and development sectors. It’s great that over 17,000 users have taken PMD Pro but it’s interesting to see that the reach is broader than that and goes beyond individuals. Several organisations I spoke to have adopted the PMD Pro project methodology and so even those who haven’t gained the certification appear to be benefiting from the approach.

Talking to other delegates at the event, it was evident that PMD Pro has had a real impact in the humanitarian and development sectors. It’s great that over 17,000 users have taken PMD Pro but it’s interesting to see that the reach is broader than that and goes beyond individuals.

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PMD Pro picture of the month – October, 2016

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This photo shows a PMD Pro training in Ottawa, Ontario with the United Way Ottawa and a number of their strategic partners, implemented by International Learning Partners Canada. It was a three-day PMDPro Level 1 training, with participants writing the exam on the afternoon of the third day (with 28 people out of 30 passing the exam).

They had fun on the morning of the third day building a tower out of straws and other items using some of the key project management considerations. We had a lot of fun in learning about project management together. The photo is actually a small group in the Planning phase prior to implementing the construction of a tower.