In just a few months, the Coronavirus has infected over 5M people around the world. According to the World Health Organization, as of July 10, there are 11,874,226 confirmed cases and 545,481 have died as consequence of COVID-19 contamination.

Our primary goal is to protect and support our team, partners, learners, and candidates as we ensure the continuity of  PM4NGOs services and certification schemes during this pandemic.

We want to share with you some steps we are taking to respond to COVID-19 and support development and humanitarian sector professionals around the world.

Call to action for the immediate prioritization of
professional development to accelerate the global COVID-19 response

PM4NGOs invites organizations from across the sector to join us in a call to action. By endorsing this letter, we are acknowledging and supporting the prioritization of investment in professional development for local actors to accelerate the global COVID-19 response. It is our firm belief that an effective and coordinated response can only be achieved when local and national actors have the knowledge, skills, tools, and flexibility to be able to better serve their communities.

Join us!
Read the Call to Action, the list of organizations that already endorses this call, and endorse it (as an organization).

Promoting Access to Learning and Capacity Building Local Capacity Building

As part of ensuring comprehensive access to our methodologies and bodies of knowledge, PM4NGOs is advocating with our training partners to make courses more accessible to organizations, increasing the localization of Project and Program DPro to anyone who wants to improve their project and program management skills. This has been at the core of our mission at PM4NGOs and has become an even higher priority in responding to Covid-19.

Our guides and tools will continue to be free of cost and available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Project Management During and After COVID-19

Adaptive management is critical to any project, and especially at this time in history. PM4NGOs is also adapting our resources to help guide practitioners on how to utilize project and program management tools in Covid-19 response efforts. Our team is developing articles, videos, and mini courses (PMD Pro+) to share how Project DPro tools and best practices can be helpful and used to address challenges project managers may face during and after this crisis.

These materials will also provide guidance on how to adapt and customize the application of Project DPro to a new context, in which remote management and the localization of project management will be more essential than in the past.

Online Certification Exams (invigilation)

The Project DPro (PMD Pro) and other PM4NGOs’ certification exams require an invigilation that is preferable face to face. However, to promote social distancing, we have recommended to our partners to proceed with online invigilation, sharing with them an online invigilation procedure / guidance.

Supporting those in need

Many professionals are struggling with a reduction of their income, temporarily or permanently. Students also wonder how they will be able to find an internship or first job in a world of reduced opportunities and social/work contact.

We will offer a reduced fee for the Project DPro exam to unemployed workers wanting to improve their knowledge and skills during this time and become a certified project manager. Unemployed  and furloughed workers will pay USD 22 for their exams and USD 5 for the online invigilation, regardless of their country.

Students already pay USD 22 for exams. PM4NGOs will waive the USD 5 invigilation fee for students willing to take the certification exam for this same period of time. Project DPro and Program DPro guides remain free of costs to download at the PM4NGOs website.

Meeting learners demands

All PM4NGOs guides and materials are available online, free of costs, at our website: In addition, the PMD Pro+, our continuing professional development platform, offers access to mini-courses, supplemental reading, and other resources, free of costs to all Project DPro or Program DPro certified professionals.

We are continuously adding new resources, courses, and reading materials at the PMD Pro+ to providing online learning to certified professionals and helping them diversifying their source of project management learning and information during this self-isolation period.

Protecting people

PM4NGOs is an international and multi-country organization. Our team of permanent consultants have been working remotely in the past and they will continue to do so. All face-to-face activities have been canceled until the World Health Organization continues to recommend social distancing and avoiding traveling.