This page provides you the guidance to purchase and take your DPro exam, review past exams results, and download your certificate(s). Scroll down to review the most frequently asked questions.

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New Exam System - are there any differences?

Questions of all DPro exams (Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro) content and format remain the same. There are new design options on some questions (e.g.: fill a blank, put in the right sequence/order), but the content is the same as previous exams.

We recommend that you take a Sample Exam even if you have already taken previously.

Exam prices are the same as previous exams. You can check pricing options and categories by visiting the certification page of each methodology (our website main menu on the top).

In order to purchase an exam, you will need to create a profile at the PM4NGOs Exam System and provide a photo ID to have your profile approved.

There won't be post exam invigilation: once you have  successfully finished your exam, your certificate will be automatically available.

No. Once your profile is approved at the PM4NGOs Exam System (by providing a photo ID), you will be able to purchase and take your exam at the most appropriate date and time for you. You do not need to schedule a specific date.

All exams purchased before June 15 will be transferred to the new system. Unfortunately, this process is not automatic. Please send your exam receipts to

Badges and Certificates

  • Exam results and certificate (for successful candidates) are available immediately after you finish your exam.
  • To review the results of you past exams and download the certificate of the ones you have successfully passed, log in to your profile entering your username and password. After logging in, access the option “My Results”.
  • If you do not remember your login credentials, please use the option "Request New Password" page to reset your password. 

Once you successfully pass the DPro Exam, you will receive a message from our Exam System with a link to apply for your badge.

You can also apply for your badge by clicking the following links:

Project DPro Foundation 
Project DPro Practitioner 
Program DPro 

Please note that you should enter the same name and email used on the Exam System. You will also be requested to upload your certificate.

Due to privacy policies, we do not transfer your information and certificate across platforms. This is the reason why we ask you to apply for your badge.

No. Your APMG certificate will remain valid and recognized by PM4NGOS, our Partners, and all organizations that have adopted Project DPro and our methodologies. If you would like to request an update on your certificate for the new design, send a digital copy of your certificate to Due to the large volume of request, it might take 7+ days to send you the updated certificate.

How can I prepare for my exam?

You can download the Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro guides free of costs and explore other materials and content at the PM4NGOs website.

If you would like to take a training course, check the Training Partners directory. You can also check our events.

Yes! We recommend that you practice the certification exam and try out its questions (similar questions - not the same). You will be able to assess your knowledge before taking the real exam. You can access the practice exams by clicking here.

How do I purchase an exam?

  • You can purchase your exam at the PM4NGOs Exams Platform. In order to purchase your exam, it is required that you have a profile at the Exam System. 
  • If you already have a profile, log in by entering your username and password, click “Buy Exam” and follow the purchasing instructions.

If this is your first time purchasing a DPro exam:

  • Click on “Create new account”, enter a username, password, and your name. Then, click the green button “Create new account”
  • You will receive an email that will request an ID confirmation. 
  • Follow the instruction in the email that you will receive.
  • Once you are logged in, you can click “Buy Exam” and follow the purchasing  instructions.
  • Use the Exams Guidance (PDF) to follow the purchasing process step by step.

Important note

  • Each candidate must purchase its own exam. 
  • The person who purchases the exam is the individual who must take it. 
  • If you have a colleague who also wants to purchase an exam you cannot purchase on his/her behalf.

  • No - not directly on our exam portal! Each candidate must purchase its own exam. The person who purchases the exam is the individual who must take it. If you have a colleague who also wants to purchase an exam you cannot purchase on his/her behalf.
  • If you purchase more than one exam,  you will not be able to transfer and a request for refund will be necessary, following the 2CheckOut (payment system) time and requirements.
  • If you would like to purchase multiple exams for a group or organization, contact our team and share the details of your need.

The Foundation exams have different pricing depending on your actual job or working status. Use the interactive survey below to verify which price you must select when purchasing an exam:

  • To use a voucher to purchase your exam, you must follow the same steps of a regular purchase, except for the payment one.
  • Once you have added your exam to the cart and reached the checkout step, you must enter your voucher code at the appropriate field and click "Add Voucher". The voucher discount will be applied to your cart.
  • Use the Exams Guidance (PDF) to follow the purchasing process step by step.

  • You can try the exam as many times as you want. However, each purchased exam grants one attempt only.
  • If you would like to try it again, you need to purchase a new exam.

  • Exams are refundable before you take them. If you have already taken the exam it cannot be refunded.
  • If you have purchased an exam and you would like to cancel it, send your request to

What is the exam duration and format?

Foundation exams are composed by 75 questions that can be:

  • Multiple choice: 1 correct answer
  • Multiple choice: 2+ correct
  • Fill a blank (select)
  • Rank or put in the right sequence
  • In order to successfully pass the exam you need 49 correct marks (out of 75 available) - 65%.
  • The exam duration is 3h (180 minutes).

The exam is closed book.

Didn't you find the answer to your question?

Please do not hesitate to contact our team at if you have any further question.

Remember to read the Individual Candidates Guidance – see the top of this page – and watch the guidance video, also available at this page.