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General Questions

The Project Management for Development Professionals Guide (PMD Pro Guide) provides an introductory, independent exploration of Project Management within the context of the development sector.

Read the PMD Pro Story and watch an interview with John Cropper, PM4NGOs Board Vice Chair, at our blog. You can download the guide at no cost here.

The Program Management for Development Guide (PgMD) provides advice, tools, and guidance to assist Program Managers in more effectively fulfilling their role, whether that be at the local, regional, or international levels. Successful programs are delivered by groups of people, inside and outside an organization, working together toward achieving the same goal.

 You can download the guide at no cost here.

All learning material (guides) are available for free. The Guide is copyright by PM4NGOs and distributed under  Creative Commons BY-NC license. You can download our guides at the following links:

» PMD Pro Guide

» PgMD Pro Guide

The examination is available on-line via the APMG International web-based certification engine. Prices have been established that aim to make the cost of access affordable to staff working for NGOs anywhere in the world.

Please click here to check the PMD Pro and PgMD Pro exams pricing.

No. PM4NGOs is the guardian of PMD Pro, PgMD Pro, and other methodologies. We are also a platform to connect professionals and training organizations and, for that reason, we do not run training courses.

Check on the Training Partners  page to find the nearest training organization. We would like to ask you to contact them directly. They will be able to enroll you in a training course and apply the certification exam at its completion.

You can also check our agenda with training and events from our partners and other seminars, webinars, and conferences that we´ve selected to share with you.

Yes! If you are interested in the Self-Study, there are free options available for the PMD Pro learning and certification.

As an introductory learning platform, you can visit the PMD Pro Starter website. Please note that the PMD Pro Starter does not cover the Guide, but it is a good first step for your learning.

You can also access the self-study free website developed by Humentum, that covers the full content of the PMD Pro Guide:

PMD Pro & PgMD Pro Certification

Developed with experts from several of the world’s best-known and highly regarded non-governmental organizations, the certifications are accredited by APMG-International, a global Examination Institute which works in accordance with international ISO standards for certification bodies.

Is the certification globally recognized ? Yes! PMD Pro and PgMD Pro have been adopted by several national an and international organizations. Take a look on some of the organizations that have incorporated PM4NGOs methodologies in their project management practices and standards.

If you would like to read more about the PMD Pro and PgMD Pro certification schemes and guides, please access the links on the top of this page.

The exams are multiple choice with 75 questions. The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct questions. There is no ‘negative’ marking so an incorrect answer does not lose you marks. In that case you should attempt every question. Each question has only one correct answer – so do not mark more than one answer. Exams are online only: your trainees do not need to attend to an appointment at a facility. They have up to 3 hours to take the exam.

The PMD Pro and PgMD Pro Certification have no expiration date.

PM4NGOs is planning to launch a Continuing Professional Development Program in 2019. When that happens, PMD Pro and PgMD Pro Certifications will be renewed through digital badges that acknowledge your continuing skills development.

Before taking the exam we recommend that you attend a training course.  

Even if you have experience with other project management methodologies, we strongly recommend that that you read the PMD Pro Guide or the PgMD Pro Guide, decide between a taking  a training course or self-study, and then take the exam.

Finally, don´t forget to take a look at the Certification Exam System guidelines.

You can take the exam as many times you need.  Please contact your trainer or invigilator to purchase new attempts and re-exam. If you do not pass the exam after couple of attempts, we strongly recommend that you search for a mentor.

Yes. The PMD Pro and PgMD Pro Exams are closed book examinations. This means that during your exam you should not have a hard or online copy of the guide available. You should also close all browser windows (except the exam one) and conference/call applications, such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Hangouts – unless you are on a call with your exam invigilator/trainer.

Yes! The sample exam is free of costs and you can take as many times as you want.

There are PMD Pro and PgMD Pro sample exams available at the APMG Sample Exams page.

Yes. PM4NGOs and APMG have developed guidelines for individual candidates and trainers/training organizations.

Please access Exam System Guidelines page.

The exam is online, which means that you do not need to attend to an appointment at a facility. If you are taking a training course provided by an organization, they will probably invigilate your exam.

If you have taken the self-study pathway, you can purchase your exam and select your invigilator, who might be:

  • Your manager, director, or a representative from the Human Resources department of your organization.
  • A representative from a training organization (visit the training organizations directory and please contact them directly to verify if they offer this service).
  • A colleague who is already PMD Pro or PgMD Pro certified.

If you are not able to invite anyone that follows in the options above, contact our team and we will help you finding a solution.

Please remember to access Exam System Guidelines page, download and share them with the invigilator you select.

Trainers and Training Organizations

PM4NGOs has a group of training partners listed at our website to make a search for PMD Pro and PgMD Pro training courses easier for learners and professionals. However PM4NGOs does not accredit trainers or training organizations. 

Please click here if you would like to become a PM4NGOs Training Partner.

Please click here if you would like to know how to become a PMD Pro or PgMD Pro  Training Partner.

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