PMD Pro provides project managers the skills needed to deliver effective, transparent results to donors and communities. The course and certification are valuable to all development professionals, from the field staff to project and program managers. Here are some of the benefits in becoming certified:

– Provides a comprehensive and participatory approach to project management.
– Develops professionals’ understanding of the value of a project management standard language and tools.
– Provides a practical toolkit that can be adapted to any organizational project environment.
– Enhances professionals’ ability to deliver projects on time, on budget, and within scope.

If you would like to become certified, simply follow the steps below. Contact our team if you have any questions or suggestions.

Certification Exams Video Instructions


The PMD Pro and PgMD Pro Guides are available to download at no cost


Click on the link below to download the PMD Pro Guide
Download the guide


Search for online or face to face training with one of our Training Partners


Visit their website and contact them to get more information
Training Partners


Select/invite your invigilator, purchase the exam, and success! Good luck!


You can also test your knowledge on a sample exam
Exam Guidance


Download your certificate and request your badge.


Share your success through social media and with us
Candidate Portal


Join our community and engage with other PMD Pros

Join us!

Share resources, access tools and templates
PMD Pro+

Note: these steps guide you to take the PMD Pro 1 certification.
In order to take PMD Pro Level 2 you must first become PMD Pro 1 certified. 
In order to take Program DPro, we strongly recommend becoming PMD Pro (1 or 2) certified,
as the Program DPro guide and exam refer to many of the PMD Pro content.

If you prefer, use the following button to download this step-by-step guidance with all details and links.

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