There are several ways to learn PMD Pro and apply to your projects. If you are looking for a training organization, visit our directory and search for the one that best attends your needs.

If you are interested in a self-study pathway, please check the resources and options below. You can download the PMD Pro Guide for free in several different languages in our guides section.


Last Mile Learning

Last Mile Learning is free self-study website developed by LINGOs, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable global development by building the capacity of the people delivering programs around the world. LINGOs developed the website through a collaborative model that includes partnerships with development organizations, private sector partners and a community of volunteers to create technology platforms and develop learning content. Last Mile Learning provides world-class learning opportunities at no cost to anyone working to improve lives in the developing world!

PMD Pro Starter is a free mobile ready website and has been put together by LINGOs working together with Plan International, PM4NGOs and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.  LINGOs team tried to break PMD Pro down into fifteen tools. Each tool has an explanation, a template, a short, two minute animated video and a short slide deck of three/four slides. Read the story behind PMD Pro Starter at our blog, access the PMD Pro Starter mobile website at to watch the videos and download the content
PMAP_Banner_TL_TrimProject Managers Against Poverty or PMAP is a not-for-profit organization for like-minded project managers who passionately believe in sharing their skills and experience to help reduce poverty worldwide. Through mentoring PMAP can pass on the vital skills and experience of professional project managers to their peers in the developing world. PMAP is a non-profit organisation and the services it provides are at no cost to all users.


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