Nurturing the project with data about its progress and changes is critical to success

The Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning for Humanitarian and Development Professionals Guide (MEAL DPro Guide) was developed and made possible thanks to the initiative and support of Catholic Relief Services, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, and  Humentum.

All people working in the international relief and development sector need to understand MEAL. The MEAL DPro provides a certification-based, sector-wide standard for these professionals. MEAL DPro materials are freely available for learners and organizations to use in building their own skills. Training providers may adapt these materials into their own training programs as long as they comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Strong Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) is critical to project success.

  • Monitoring is the continuous and systematic collection and analysis of data about project progress and changes in the project context. 
  • Evaluation is the user-focused assessment of an ongoing or completed project’s design, implementation and results.
  • Accountability is a commitment to respond to and balance the needs of all project stakeholders (including beneficiaries, donors, partners and the organization itself).
  • Learning is about embedding processes for internal reflection – using data and raising questions to make smarter project decisions.

The MEAL DPro Guide has been published on January 2019. On April 2022,  Catholic Relief Services, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, Humentum, and PM4NGOs have joined resources and efforts to host the guide (and certification), continuously improving it and share it through the development and humanitarian sectors.

Download the MEAL DPro Guide at no cost at the links below. Please observe the Creative Commons indicated in the guide and read the Terms, Conditions, and Reference for using our methodologies and content.


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These quick guides for busy readers are a good option if you would like to first read a brief introduction to our guides,  accessing an overview that will help you to decide if the full guide is suitable for you, your organization, and your team. 

Please remember: these are not the full guides and reading them is neither enough as preparation for certification exams nor application of their tools and techniques. They will give you a good overview of each guide and will help you to decide if the full guide is suitable for you, your organization, and your team.

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The MEAL DPro initiative was made possible through the initiative and generous financial support of Catholic Relief Services, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, and  Humentum.