Become a Project Manager with certified MEAL skills

The MEAL DPro certification is targeted at practitioners at all levels who wish to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental aspects of MEAL systems and activities needed by all practitioners in humanitarian and development contexts. The MEAL DPro Certification is designed for all program and project management staff with MEAL-related responsibilities. The certification exam is taken on-line and requires test-takers to demonstrate that they know and understand the content of the MEAL DPro Guide.

Why MEAL DPro ?

Strong Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) is critical to project success.

  • Monitoring is the continuous and systematic collection and analysis of data about project progress and changes in the project context.
  • Evaluation is the user-focused assessment of an ongoing or completed project’s design, implementation and results.
  • Accountability is a commitment to respond to and balance the needs of all project stakeholders (including beneficiaries, donors, partners and the organization itself).
  • Learning is about embedding processes for internal reflection – using data and raising questions to make smarter project decisions.

When taken together, these four components are the basis of a MEAL system. Each component is both independent and inter-related. It is helpful to consider them as puzzle pieces, each having its unique place and purpose. But, in order to create a functioning MEAL system, these pieces must be aligned, connected, and work together.

Why becoming certified?

In an industry that relies upon projects to complete its work, a certification helps ensure that project managers are ready to effectively manage their projects around the world. The PM4NGOs certifications are internationally recognized and serve as an evidence of acquired skills and competences.


Exams Guidance

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Trainers and Invigilators

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Continuing learning

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