Afghanistan Project Management Center is a pioneering professional services center, providing project management services, internationally recognized certification programs, and demand-based trainings, for organizations and individuals in Afghanistan.

APMC training methodologies are based on adult learning models with a focus on practical realities of the social and business context in Afghanistan - enabling learners to set practical connections between their theoretical knowledge and real situations they are exposed regularly in the field.


What APMC offers:

  • Project management services
  • PMD Pro certification trainings
  • Program DPro certification trainings
  • PMP Exam Prep courses
  • Diploma in Project Management

APMC Values APMC follows specific values in our vision to foster standard project management practices among organizations and individuals working in this field. In making any decision and performing any task, APMC strictly observes the values that add meaning to each step we take toward their vision. Their values stand on improving our community by facilitating share of knowledge between different levels of professionals in project management field, and through this contributing in prosperity of organizations and our country’s economic growth. Every step taken at APMC values:

  • Community support Access to knowledge Professionalism Member development

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Afghanistan Project Management Center