Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) is a capacity development social enterprise established in May 2018 aiming to have social impact in Sudan and other countries. IME was founded by a team of three professionals with a shared passion for enhancing people’s skills and confidence as well as improving organizational systems. IME registered as a Private Limited company under Commercial Register of Ministry of Justice in Sudan


IME is willing to share its passion with all organizations to develop their capacity to become thriving development partners, capable and trusted to deliver instant results and a lasting impact. The key focus areas for our services are: 

  • Financial Management 
  • Donor Compliance
  • Programme Management
  • Governance and Leadership

IME has many strengths: The team is bi-lingual: English and Arabic; the members are all professional trainers and certified as Humentum (Mango) trainers using participatory approaches and methodology; and they managed to build up a remarkable partnerships and relationships between KLP partners, British Council, Donors and Humentum.  IME determined to help and support organizations to be more accountable; successfully run their enterprises and to implement projects more effectively and efficiently. IME works with all local and international non-profit organizations, social enterprises, local governments and donors who want to invest in building the capacity of CSOs and national organizations. 

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Inspire for Management Excellence