MIDMAR (Managing Innovation and Development in Middle-East and Arab Region) was founded in 2017 with a vision to support civil society’s capacity development on a broader scale. MIDMAR’ team has gained profound experience in managerial and technical training and capacity development activities over several years.


  • Non-governmental, non-for-profit organization
  • Registered in Gaziantep (Turkey) and Paris (France)
  • Dedicated to empower individuals and communities affected by crises.
  • Focus on Syrian and other societies in Middle East and Arab region, as well as on host communities and diaspora in countries further afield.

MIDMAR has adopted the 2028 strategy seeking to rebuild the social capital through set of programs with different institutions. This type of programs is important for the next stages in Syria, at which the war will end, where it is very necessary to work on rebuilding the human and societal system that was destroyed by the war.

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