Philandure dreams that every entity in the world is collaboratively contributing towards sustainable social impacts for a better future. With our bold rethinking of social development, we partner across sectors and empower individuals and organizations to catalyze changes and sustain impact.

At Philandure, our mission is catalysing sustainable social impact by building a conscious and resilient civil society embracing the concept of sustainability and impact through diversified solutions for community challenges.


As a Training Partner in Asia for PM4NGOs, we offer all courses under PM4NGOs:
  • Project DPro
  • Program DPro
  • FMD Pro
We also offer our own flagship courses under organisation and talent development Philanthropy Navigator (Phil Navi)
  • 360° Program
  • MyCSO Program
  • CSO Executive and Management Program
As a company aiming to catalyse changes and sustain impacts in the Third Sector and CSOs, we thrive to be all-encompassing in our services
  • Advisory & Consultancy Division
  • Corporate & Shared Services Division
  • Partnership & Sector Collaboration Division
  • Talent Development & Capacity Building Division
  • Research & Development Division
  • Incubation & Product Development Division
  • Lestari Portfolio & Investment Management Division
  • Project Management & Community Engagement Division
  • Creative Media & Digital Technology Division
  • Generation Development Division

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