Silver Ivory for Training is established for over 7 years and holding commercial registration number 1010500395. The main office is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Silver Ivory for Training and Consultancy is a globally focused company that provides training, guidance, and consultancy services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


We aim to invest in human resources and develop individuals' minds by extracting their creative potential, managing their talents, polishing their capacities, and expanding their horizons, as well as enhancing their ability to face challenges with confidence. We also aim to improve the performance of companies, increase their achievements, and develop their work mechanisms to achieve the highest success rates. Thanks to our effective and advanced strategies and our professional team of creative trainers, experts, and executive managers who are dedicated and competent, we have proven over the years that our clients' success is our top priority and their satisfaction is our main concern.

The company emphasizes its interest in the nonprofit sector as an important part of its social responsibility. For this purpose, the company has established a specialized unit that deals with the third sector. It aims to provide specialized training and consultancy services to non-profit organizations to enable them to achieve their goals and improve their performance.

This interest in the third sector enhances the company's positive contribution to society and reflects its commitment to sustainable development and social sustainability. The third sector unit in the company is an excellent example of integrating social responsibility into business strategies

Silver Ivory