About Social Responsibility Observatory
The Kingdom's Vision 2030 emphasizes social responsibility as one of the country's development enablers by demonstrating its ability to make an outstanding contribution in the national product. As such, social responsibility become one of the important areas and responsibilities of the universities, by the nature of the university’s work, its influential role in the societies and its ability to address developmental issues in society. So, it has become necessary to find an entity that is organizationally linked to the higher management of the university, to be the arm through which the university carry out its plans to performs its role in social responsibility. The observatory manages this file through the implementation of initiatives that achieve the university's goals in the field of social responsibility under the Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


Vision: Achieve excellence in developing the programs of social responsibility.

Mission: Social responsibility strives to enhance the role of the University in serving society at best .


  • Enrich the field of social responsibility with knowledge as a base for sustainable development in society.
  • Activate the practices of social responsibility among the University staff.
  • Activate the social initiatives through forming a partnership with state sponsored and private sectors as well as coordinating with concerned departments at the University.
  • Contribute in suggesting scientific solutions to enhance social responsibility in society.
  • Develop the skills of staff at the University to be invested for serving the society.
  • Interact with the society’s major issues to develop the sense of patriotism among society members.

Social Responsibility Observatory