About Team 1144
A passionate group of professionals dedicated to Project Management and Transformational Leadership.

Team 1144 is enthusiastic about applying the best  practices and the principles  and methodologies of Project Management, Strategy Implementation, and  Transformational Leadership to help clients solve difficult problems,  achieve the success of their projects, add value, and increase their  Readiness and Organizational Resilience, and achieve a Culture of  Constant Transformation.

Team 1144 is an amalgamation of top education, experience, talent, skill,  creativity, & innovation. Since year 2000, their lead professionals  have acquired vast experience leading project management and business continuity management teams from mid to high level complexity projects  and programs.

They are a group of Professionals who have over 50 years of professional  experience and are totally focused and oriented to implement strategy to  support our clients to achieve their organizational goals while helping them to increase their organizational resilience and maturity, and to  always keep their continuity of operations possible.

Team 1144 is totally convinced that to make a better world one  project/organization at a time, we need to be more than project  managers, we must be Transformational Leaders in a constant search to  share blessings and knowledge that, by Grace, we have received!

Team 1144