PgMD Pro Certification Exam was developed in partnership with APMG – a renowned organization that accredits organizations to deliver training courses and consultancy services for a broad range of professional certification schemes.

PgMD Pro is the definitive certification to learn and confirm you have the skills to help realize non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) ambitions through exemplary program management.

Accessible and affordable exams – anywhere in the world

Certification has been priced to make the cost affordable to staff working for NGOs anywhere in the world, with certification available from just US$40 for staff of local NGOs working in the developing world, students and volunteers.

Certify your ability to:

  • Perform as a fully-fledged program manager – able to offer leadership to project managers and their teams
  • Align projects with the goals and overarching strategy of an organization
  • Deliver high quality humanitarian, development and environmental programs
  • Conquer the challenge of coordination, creating synergies between projects and maximizing impact of programs
  • Thrive in a dynamic sector – able to innovate with solutions that allow country and regional teams to be responsive
  • Play an essential contributing role in helping NGOs address poverty, disease, violence, social injustice, environmental degradation and humanitarian disaster.

The exam

The examination is available on-line via the APMG web-based certification engine.

This examination is taken on-line and requires candidates to demonstrate that they know and understanding content of the Program Management for Development Professionals Guide (PgMD Pro Guide). The exams are multiple choice with 75 questions. The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct questions. There is no ‘negative’ marking so an incorrect answer does not lose you marks.

The learning objectives for the PgMD Pro examination are found in the Appendix of the PgMD Pro Guide.

Exams are currently available for the PgMD Pro Level 1 Certification – with Level 2 expected to be released soon.

Take the free PgMD Pro Level 1 sample exam (APMG website)

Purchase the PgMD Pro Level 1 exam (APMG website)