The PMD Pro Level 2 certification is a significantly more challenging assessment of your understanding of the project management role in the development sector, and will suit those with experience working in a project-based environment who wish to demonstrate their commitment to personal professional development.

The goal of the PMD Pro is to:

  • confer a professional certification status for project managers in the sector
  • provide certification and learning resources that are comprehensive, accessible and appropriate to professionals working in the sector
  • integrate content that is contextualized to the international development sector with other internationally-recognised certifications.

PMD Pro2 Pricing

The mechanism for the PMD Pro2 certification examination has been designed so that it can make appropriate learning credentials accessible anywhere in the world at an affordable cost.

The examination is available on-line via the APMG International web-based certification engine. Prices have been established that aim to make the cost of access affordable to staff working for NGOs anywhere in the world.

The price schedule for the PMD Pro2 examination is the following:

– Staff of local NGOs
– Students
– Volunteers

Note: Local NGOs are community-based organizations, grassroots-oriented, located in remote locations or urban peripherical impoverished area, with a single office, not connected to other organizations as an affiliate, a subsidiary, or as the same corporation or other legal entity.

– NGOs (national or international) working in the developing world
– Consultants in the developing world
– Staff of government ministries or entities in the developing world

– NGOs (national or international) working in the developed world
– Others (including, but not limited to, HQ-based staff of NGOs, staff of multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, consultants in developed world)

Bulk purchases – trainers and training organizations – discount

PM4NGOs and APMG International offer a 25% discount for 1,000+ exams bulk purchase:

If you are willing to purchase more than 1,000 exams, please contact APMG:

Purchasing the exam

Purchase the PMD Pro Level 2 exam (APMG website)

Take the free PMD Pro Level 2 sample exam (APMG website)

More information about the exam system and process

Download the Guides for the Exam System. Please also visit PM4NGOs Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers to your questions about the new exam system.