The PMD Pro and PgMD Pro exams are available on-line via the APMG International web-based certification engine. If you would like to purchase the exams and/or try a sample exam, use the links on the right: The guidances below have been developed by PM4NGOs and APMG to help individual candidates and trainers to access and use the Exam System.

Guidelines for Individual Candidates

Guidelines for Trainers and Training Organizations

» Practice Exam – Handout

» Taking the Real Exam – Handout

Note: these steps guide you to take the PMD Pro 1 certification.
In order to take PMD Pro Level 2 you must first become PMD Pro 1 certified. 
In order to take Program DPro, we strongly recommend becoming PMD Pro (1 or 2) certified, as the Program DPro guide and exam refer to many of the PMD Pro content.