You have studied the PMD Pro Guide, passed the PMD Pro Foundation exam, and have your certificate. What next?

In today’s competitive environment, successful Project and Program Managers need to continually evolve by building on their qualifications. PMD Pro+ is here to help you do just that.

We provide our members with ongoing self-learning opportunities and curated content for continuous development. Visit the ‘Courses’ section to see the free training available to help members hone their skills. Each course relates to one of PM4NGOs’ 35 competencies for Project and Program Management.

PMD Pro+ is also the site where certified PMD Pro and Program DPro professionals can meet to connect with each other and learn about job and mentoring opportunities. There are forums with postings from people in the humanitarian and development sectors, and links to regular PM4NGOs webinars and activities.

As a first step, visit the ‘Resources’ section to complete the PM4NGOs competencies assessment. The results will indicate which of the free courses will most benefit your advancement in the Project and Program Management professions. Then visit the forums sections to catch up on our members’ discussions.

Make a point of visiting PMD Pro+ on a regular basis to keep up with your fellow professionals!

Remember that, in order to become a member of PMD Pro+, you need to be PMD Pro or PgMD Pro certified.

If you have any questions please contact our team.