PMD Pro Starter is a guide and website that has been put together by LINGOs working together with Plan International, PM4NGOs and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

LINGOs team has break PMD Pro down into fifteen tools. Each tool has an explanation, a template, a short, two minute animated video and a short slide deck of three/four slides.

You can read the story behind PMD Pro Starter at our blog, access the PMD Pro Starter mobile website at to watch the videos and download the content, or download the Pocket Guide below.

If you or your organization is willing to incorporate, distribute, or adapt the PMD Pro Starter, please observe the Creative Commons indicate in the guide and read the Terms, Conditions, and Reference for using our methodologies and content.

PMD Pro Starter

There is also a mobile version that can be acccessed offline – that´s the PMD Pro Starter Guide to take anywhere you go!

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