Our Guide to the PMD Pro is being adopted as a standard in many development organisations around the world. It’s currently available in several languages. The Guide is copyright by PM4NGOs, and distributed under a Creative Commons license.

The Guide to the PMD Pro provides an introductory, independent exploration of Project Management within the context of the development sector. It is intended for an audience that includes:

  • Project Managers and team members who are new to project management;
  • Project Managers and team members who are new to the development sector;
  • Development sector professionals who intend to pursue professional credentials in project management;
  • Consultants/contract staff operating in the development sector.


If you or your organization is willing to incorporate, distribute, or adapt the PMD Pro or PgMD Pro Guide, please observe the Creative Commons indicate in the guides and read the Terms, Conditions, and Reference for using our methodologies and content.

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