PM4NGOs training partners that offer Project DPro, Program DPro and FMD Pro courses.

PM4NGOs is the owner and custodian of the Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro Guides. As an independent certifying organization, PM4NGOs does not offer training courses, but relies upon multiple training partners globally to expand access to project management approaches and practices. We serve as a platform to connect professionals, organizations, and training providers to advance the discipline of project management.

Training partners are independent organizations that are responsible for the training courses and services they offer. Although PM4NGOs does not accredit training organizations or trainers, we work closely with them in an open manner to produce and share high quality and most updated training materials. 

You will find below a full list of our training partners that offer Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro courses. Use the available filters or use the Interactive Map (top left) to find a trainer.

If you (as independent trainer) or your organization is planning to offer Project DPro, Program DPro, and/or FMD Pro training courses, click here to apply to our Training Partners Program.

Training Partners Directory

Training Organizations Found: 29

HANDA Social Service Development Center – 汉达社会工作服务中心

FMD ProProgram DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) Practitioner

HANDA Social Service Development Center, also known as HANDA Social Work Service Center was developed by HANDA Rehabilitation and Welfare Association with 25 years experiences in development and social service field, as the specialized agency with the mandate to improve the capacity of development and social service organizations so that to promote the effective development and social service.


Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) PractitionerToT – Training of Trainers

Humentum provides training and learning opportunities, peer-to-peer exchange, sector expertise, and links to industry partners to help our members build their operational and management capacity.

Inspire for Management Excellence

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) is a capacity development social enterprise established in May 2018 aiming to have social impact in Sudan and other countries. IME was founded by a team of three professionals with a shared passion for enhancing people’s skills and confidence as well as improving organizational systems. IME registered as a Private Limited company under Commercial Register of Ministry of Justice in Sudan 

Instituto Filantropia

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

A Rede Filantropia é uma plataforma de disseminação de conhecimento técnico para o Terceiro Setor, que busca profissionalizar a atuação das instituições por meio de treinamentos, publicações, palestras, debates, entre outras iniciativas.

PM Academy

Project DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) PractitionerToT – Training of Trainers

PM Academy was established in 2005 with the strategic vision of delivering Portfolio, Programme and Project management training and advisory services. Our South African and Botswana branches have implemented projects and provided training throughout Africa and internationally, from small to blue-chip clients across industry sectors. We are internationally accredited, a PM4NGO Training Partner and have delivered Project DPro (previously PMD Pro) Foundation and Practitioner training to hundreds of development organization students since 2010. Our trainers and consultants hold extensive international certifications, including: Project DPro Practitioner, PMP®, PRINCE2®, PRAXIS®, Better Business Cases, Management of Portfolios(MoP®), P3O®, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), AgilePM®, Scrum Master and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework).

Proventures Education and Consulting

Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) Practitioner

Proventures Education and Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is an organization dedicated to knowledge, competency and process development which impact the bottom line of any Organization. We provide training, implementation and consultancy services in the areas of Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Software Tools / Systems on Project Management at individual and Enterprise level. Over the last 14 years we have served more than 200 clients across many domains including NGOs and Government sectors.

Pyramid Learning

Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) PractitionerToT – Training of Trainers

Pyramid Learning provides engaging and scalable learning for humanitarian relief and development practitioners. They work with individuals and organizations – delivering online and face-to-face courses, designing custom courses, developing credentials and facilitating learning events. Their mission is to make quality learning appropriate, accessible and actionable. To help those doing good, do even better.

Quintessência Inteligência Organizacional

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

A Quintessência Inteligência Organizacional trabalha junto com organizações, o desenvolvimento de iniciativas que possibilitem a expansão do seu negócio, agregando valor e sustentabilidade. As propostas são customizadas para cada organização e embasadas em práticas consolidadas de gestão.

Sabi Training & Consulting

Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) PractitionerToT – Training of Trainers

SABI Training & Consulting Limited is a Nigerian based company. Sabi is a term widely used in West Africa to mean ‘know-how’ and it represents the company’s competence to provide world class learning to organizations and teams in Africa and beyond. Through Training, Consulting and Convening services, Sabi’s experienced team brings learning solutions to organizations. Sabi is an affiliate of Humentum in Nigeria.

Social Change School

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Social Change School is the main training School for NonProfit Managers in Europe. For more than 20 years, Social Change School has been a Leader for managerial NonProfit training in the world. Madrid, Rome, Milan, London. From 1997, the School has trained around 1300 professionals, with 100.000 hours of training and an extremely high employment rate between its graduates within one year from the Diploma.

Syria Relief

Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) Practitioner

Syria Relief is a UK based charity which has touched the lives of 1.8 million Syrians in need. Syria Relief was born in Manchester, UK, at the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011. Dismayed at the rapidly unfolding crisis in Syria, a group of friends of Syrian heritage came together to make a concerted effort to provide emergency humanitarian aid in the region, for what was initially assumed a short-term project.


Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

A Tekoha realiza treinamentos, facilita processos de mudança, implementações e planejamento de projetos de forma ética e transparente para que organizações e setores façam melhor o que já fazem e estejam mais preparados para alcançar o impacto que se propõem.


Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Weircapacity Limited is an infrastructure and management consultancy company with expertise in advisory services for Water, Environment, and Infrastructure sectors. The company was established to help fill the knowledge gap identified in service delivery, particularly in Infrastructure services in Africa.

Yixiu Academy 益修学院

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Yixiu Academy,a leading online education hub in Mainland CHINA, serving NGOers, especially those from grass-root organizations in county-level cities, to address their challenges faced in career development through OMO (online merging offline) learning networks.  So far, Yixiu has released 1000 online courses and are serving over 60000 users all over China.

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