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Welcome to the Finance DPro (FMD Pro) Sample Exam.

This test is intended to allow you to practice the certification exam and get into contact with its questions (similar questions - not the same). You will be able to assess your knowledge before taking the real exam.

The test is multiple choice with 75 questions. The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct questions. There is no ‘negative’ marking so an incorrect answer does not lose you marks.
Note: there are currently 27 questions in this sample exam. PM4NGOs team is working to publish new questions.

Important notes:

  • Questions on this sample exam ARE NOT the same of the actual exam. These questions provide an overall idea of type of questions that you will find in the actual exam.
  • This is a practice exam - it is not valid as a DPro certification and it does not grant you any certificate or other document.
  • We recommend that you also take the Sample Exam at the PM4NGOs Sample Exams Platform.
  • Questions are the same, but it will help you to get familiarized with the actual certification exam platform, format, and features.

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Which one of the following is the main book of account used in the accruals accounting system?

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A project requires a motor bike and some computer equipment. What is the best way to treat these few high value assets in the project's Income & Expenditure budget?

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Why does an organization need a finance manual?

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Which one of the Four Building Blocks of financial management enables an organization to ensure accountability to stakeholders?

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Which of the following reports is the primary reporting output of the cash accounting system?

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If you were advising a newly established local partner, which of the following items would you recommended as one of the minimum requirements for a strong accounting system?

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The central goal of financial control is to:

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What tool is used to identify strategies to reduce budget variances and minimize their impact?

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In an activity-based budget worksheet, what number is put into the ‘Number of Units’ column?

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What is the main purpose of a budget narrative?

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What information is included in a budget forecast report?

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Which of the following measures is used to minimize the risk to project equipment such as computers, furniture and cameras?

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Which one of the following documents is it essential to have available at the start of the activity-based budgeting process?

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A Maternal Health project receives restricted grant funding from three different funding agencies. The cost of employing the Project Coordinator is shared equally by two of the funders. When entering the Coordinator’s salary in the accounting records, which type of code would you use to allocate the 50% share to each funder?

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During the procurement process, the Payment Voucher form should be checked and authorized by the:

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One of the Four Internal Control Actions is ‘Direct’. Which of the following internal control procedures falls into the ‘Direct’ category?

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Which of the following would alert you to possible fraud?

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Which of the following is a reason why organizations provide regular reports to funding partners?

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“The appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications” defines which type of corruption?

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Which statement best describes the purpose and structure of an Income and Expenditure budget?

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The Variance Analysis Table is used for what purpose?

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Which line in the report refers to an outstanding 'commitment' which needs to be taken into consideration when assessing the results? (Refer to the Budget Monitoring Report.)

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Which of the following losses happened as a result of an unmanaged internal risk?

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In your budget monitoring report, the salary line is underspent by USD1,000 due to a delayed appointment earlier in the year. The Recruitment advertising line is overspent by USD250 due to having to readvertise the post. What action would you recommend taking?

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A locked safe is an example of what type of internal control?

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Financial management in an organization involves four types of activity needed to manage financial resources to achieve its objectives. Three of the management activities are: planning, monitoring and controlling. What is the fourth activity area?

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The project team now wish to make an application for funds to a funding agency. What additional information do they need to add for each line item to be able to summarize the budget worksheet in the funder's own budget format? (Refer to the partially completed Budget Worksheet for a Capacity Building Project.)

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