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Success Stories: Project D Professionals

Abdullah writes to express his journey in becoming a PMD Pro certified. He found so many certification programs and eventually he was oscillating which one to choose to study. In this regard, Shahriar Khan, a Project Management expert, Founder & Managing Director of Game Consulting Ltd guided him through the entire process… click here to read his story.

Bimal Guimire followed PMD Pro milestone to train more than 100 staffs and partners in project management who were implementing both regular development and emergency response projects. Bimal is one of the winners of the #StoryContest. Click here to read his story.

Maged Kassoum,  a humanitarian young man worker based in Syria writes to tell us about his experience in achieving PMD Pro Level1, and how he proudly gained the PMD Pro certificate. Click here to read his story.

Mohammad project supported Termanin center for prostheses at the north west of Syria to provide prostheses to 300 amputated children and women, who got injured because of the ongoing conflict in Syria. Mohammad is one of the winners of the 2019 #StoryContest. Click here to read his story.

Malvern Marks is an example that is possible not just to take PMD Pro self-study and pass the exam, as to have a brilliant project management career. Click here to read his story.

Peter Njuguna has implemented a project to digitize and make birth registration and certification process more efficient in terms of turnaround time and cost for citizens. Peter is the winner of the 2019 #StoryConstest. Here, enjoy the first price story.

Case Studies: Organizations

PMD Pro: an action plan “Our first PMD Pro training session took place in Johannesburg, in 2010,” says Nano Ngwane. Over the next four years over 300 people – staff from World Vision and various community based organisations – from five Southern African countries, learned how to manage projects in more structured and systematic ways.

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PMD Pro: a common language After evaluating several training options, in 2011 Mercy Corps chose PMD Pro as the foundation of a new approach to project management. In a new, organization-wide initiative (Project Management @ Mercy Corps), all staff with responsibility for management or oversight of projects would be required to achieve certification in PMD Pro1 and PMD Pro2.

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“The PMD Pro course is very much respected and very practical as it offers a wide range of tools that will help to ensure that projects are delivered on time, scope, and budget, in a way that also pays attention quality, benefits and risks,” says Khumbulani Ndlovu, Integrated Programs Director, World Vision, Zimbabwe.

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“We were introduced to the PMD Pro process in April 2013 after attending a capacity building workshop with InsideNGO in New York,” says Adriana Garcia-DeVun, Americas Director of Programs. “We felt that this approach fulfilled a need in our program work and decided to ensure that all managers responsible for projects and finance would be trained and certified in PMD Pro 1 by the end of the year.”

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“We were clear from the outset that the PMD Pro approach should be different. We could have focussed on delivering standard training courses for NGOs but we wanted to achieve something bigger. We were looking for an approach that would evolve and that had potential to reach many thousands of development professionals, all over the world,” says John Cropper, Project Services Director, LINGOs.

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The Asociación VISION para el Desarrollo (ASOVID) is a Guatemala-based nonprofit and training organization. Working in rural and urban areas, it creates the means by which women and men from vulnerable communities can enhance their potential, using their skills and resources to promote development activities and create a better future.

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“This is the best thing that has ever happened to project management in the development sector, says Clement from World Vision’s Zambia team. “It is the reason why some kids in Zambia have clean water, why some clinics are built on time, and why a poor farmer in Eastern Zambia is able to harvest”.

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“We have engaged with PMD Pro in East Africa for three years now, training over 200 staff in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, South Sudan and Sudan,” says Jennifer Overton, Deputy Regional Director for Catholic Relief Service (CRS).

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AMA, the Highland Women’s Association, was set up in 1994 by Mayan women from rural communities in Western Guatemala. Economic and social pressures, and changing weather patterns have made these communities more vulnerable, and AMA has found effective ways to build the skills, tenacity and capacity of women as agents of change in their villages. Twenty years on, AMA is now a strong, grassroots association with 200 member organizations and a reach of thousands of people.

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