PM4NGOs training partners that offer Project DPro, Program DPro and FMD Pro courses.

PM4NGOs is the owner and custodian of the Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro Guides. As an independent certifying organization, PM4NGOs does not offer training courses, but relies upon multiple training partners globally to expand access to project management approaches and practices. We serve as a platform to connect professionals, organizations, and training providers to advance the discipline of project management.

Below you will find a full list of our training partners that offer Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro courses. Training partners are independent organizations that are responsible for the training courses and services they offer. Although PM4NGOs does not accredit training organizations or trainers, we work closely with them in an open manner to produce and share high quality and most updated training materials. 

If you (as independent trainer) or your organization is planning to offer Project DPro, Program DPro, and/or FMD Pro training courses, check our requirements and recommendations. Contact our team if you have any questions, or would like to become a PM4NGOs Training Partner.

Training Partners Directory

Training Organizations Found: 26

Afghanistan Project Management Center

Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) Practitioner

Afghanistan Project Management Center is a pioneering professional services center, providing project management services, internationally recognized certification programs, and demand-based trainings, for organizations and individuals in Afghanistan.

Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

A Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil, por intermédio do Instituto Bem Cuidar, oferece oportunidades de disseminação de conhecimento para as organizações sociais e redes do sistema de garantia de direitos, disponibilizando programas de treinamento para o desenvolvimento e fortalecimento de ações pelas organizações da sociedade civil.


Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

AMIDEAST is a leading American non-profit organization engaged in education, training, and development in Jordan, the Middle East, and North Africa region for 70 years.

APEX Global

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

APEX Global (The Academy for Professional Excellence) is the learning solutions arm of ECCI – the leading process improvement solutions provider in Southeast Asia.


Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development. During these increasingly difficult times, charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are finding it even harder to achieve their missions. We connect, strengthen and champion a dynamic network of diverse civil society organisations to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.

Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN)

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN), also known as Caritas Nigeria was by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), as the specialized national agency with the mandate for overall coordination of development and humanitarian programs on behalf of the Catholic Church in Nigeria. Caritas Nigeria is a member organization of the Caritas Confederation, coordinated by Caritas Internationalis.

ChildFund Brasil – Fundo para Crianças

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

O ChildFund Brasil – Fundo para Crianças é uma organização humanitária que trabalha com foco na erradicação da pobreza e proteção infantil. Foi leito por dois anos consecutivos como a melhor ONG para crianças e adolescentes do Brasil pelo Instituto Doar.

Competence Center for Project Management

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

We collaborate and co-create with NGOs, private, and public sectors on initiates that are robust and enduring. Our expert services are customized to each business case.

Crown Agents

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation


Game Changer

Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) Practitioner

Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd is an international consultancy delivering training programmes to public and private sector organisations, NGOs, development organisations and other social enterprises. Incorporated in the UK and Bangladesh, the company aims to serve clients internationally through high-quality training and consulting services.


Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) PractitionerToT – Training of Trainers

Genome strives to take what you know and find out where the gaps are in knowledge, skills, technology, and tools.

HANDA Social Service Development Center – 汉达社会工作服务中心

FMD ProProgram DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) Practitioner

HANDA Social Service Development Center, also known as HANDA Social Work Service Center was developed by HANDA Rehabilitation and Welfare Association with 25 years experiences in development and social service field, as the specialized agency with the mandate to improve the capacity of development and social service organizations so that to promote the effective development and social service.


Program DProProject DPro (PMD Pro) FoundationProject DPro (PMD Pro) PractitionerToT – Training of Trainers

Humentum provides training and learning opportunities, peer-to-peer exchange, sector expertise, and links to industry partners to help our members build their operational and management capacity.

Inspire for Management Excellence

Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation

Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) is a capacity development social enterprise established in May 2018 aiming to have social impact in Sudan and other countries. IME was founded by a team of three professionals with a shared passion for enhancing people’s skills and confidence as well as improving organizational systems. IME registered as a Private Limited company under Commercial Register of Ministry of Justice in Sudan 

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