PM4NGOs training partners that offer Project DPro and Program DPro courses.

PM4NGOs is the owner and guardian of the Project DPro and Program DPro Guides. We are also a platform to connect professionals and training organizations. For that reason, we do not run training courses.

Below you will find a full list of our training partners that offer Project DPro and Program DPro courses.

These are independent organizations that are responsible for the training courses and services they offer. Although PM4NGOs does not accredit training organizations or trainers, we work closely to them in order to produce and share high quality and most updated training materials. 

If you (as independent trainer) or your organization is planning to offer Project DPro and/or Program DPro training courses, check our requirements and recommendations. Contact our team if you have any questions, or would like to become a PM4NGOs Training Partner.

Training Partners Directory

Training Organizations Found: 19

Syria Relief

PMD Pro Level 1PMD Pro Level 2Program DPro

Syria Relief is a UK based charity which has touched the lives of 1.8 million Syrians in need. Syria Relief was born in Manchester, UK, at the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011. Dismayed at the rapidly unfolding crisis in Syria, a group of friends of Syrian heritage came together to make a concerted effort to provide emergency humanitarian aid in the region, for what was initially assumed a short-term project.


PMD Pro Level 1

A Tekoha realiza treinamentos, facilita processos de mudança, implementações e planejamento de projetos de forma ética e transparente para que organizações e setores façam melhor o que já fazem e estejam mais preparados para alcançar o impacto que se propõem.

Teoria da Prática

PMD Pro Level 1PMD Pro Level 2Program DProToT – Training of Trainers

A Teoria da Prática é uma organização que oferece serviços e  treinamentos em gestão de projetos para organizações do terceiro setor e para negócios sociais.


PMD Pro Level 1

Weircapacity Limited is an infrastructure and management consultancy company with expertise in advisory services for Water, Environment, and Infrastructure sectors. The company was established to help fill the knowledge gap identified in service delivery, particularly in Infrastructure services in Africa.

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