Sponsor and support professionals who are making the difference

With only $30, you make it possible for a professional in the development or humanitarian sectors in any part of the world to get a PMD Pro certification and lifetime access to a continuing professional development platform (PMD Pro+), helping him/her to manage projects properly and deliver promised results.

The PMD Pro – Project Management for Development Professionals – is a body of knowledge and certification developed by the sector, for the sector and owned by the sector, that provides project managers the skills needed to deliver effective, transparent results to donors and communities. The exams and tools are translated in 5 different languages to make sure language is not an obstacle.

There are over 22,000 certified professionals in 166 countries, with 77% working in developing countries, creating an impact where it matters most.

Who will receive the scholarship?

PM4NGOs will invite professionals and organizations in developing countries to apply for free exams. Candidates will be selected based upon outline criteria, providing them with the opportunity to get the PMD Pro certification.

Selected candidates will receive all the resources to prepare themselves for free – guides, videos, sample tests, etc. Once they are prepared, they will give the test online and get the certification that is changing the development sector.

How will you know about the impact of your donation?

Once a year PM4NGOs will distribute a report with the details of the results from the donations received.

Sponsor 01 Project Manager

to take the certification exam
$ 30
  • 01 PMD Pro Certification Exam
  • Access to PMD Pro+

Sponsor 02 Project Managers

to take the certification exam
$ 60
  • 02 PMD Pro Certification Exams
  • Access to PMD Pro+

Sponsor 04 Project Managers

to take the certification exam
$ 100
  • 04 PMD Pro Certification Exams
  • Access to PMD Pro+

Would you like to choose and help with a different donation value? 

You can also sponsor a specific group or country

You can sponsor and work together with PM4NGOs, selecting and monitoring the donation. You only have to choose one of following options:

Please fill out the Scholarship Package form and our team will contact you to discuss the details of your sponsorship.

Become part of PM4NGOs family and help us reach as many professionals as possible, 
making the world better, one project at a time.

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