Hassan Jenedie


Also supports Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen

Hassan is the Executive Director in Bousla. He holds a BSc in Pharmacy from Kalamoon University and a diploma in Advanced Studies from the University of Geneva in Humanitarian Action (Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action). Besides, Hassan holds a master of business administration at Marmara University.

He is a certified trainer in Program Management for the Development Sector (PgMD), Project Management for the Development Sector (PMD Pro 1&2), Remote management, The Sphere Project, and Quality & Accountability.

Hassan has ten years a humanitarian aid worker, designed and facilitated training & consultancies in a Project Management (Project DPro) and Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Turkey, and he has worked as a specialist consultant for multiple UN agencies, INGOs and humanitarian academic organizations such as UNDP, IOM, OCHA, ICVA, Relief International, Action Medeor, AAR Japan, SPHERE, Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS), Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD), Johns Hopkins University Center for Humanitarian Health, and NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI).

Hassan also has online trainings on an international platform such as disasterready.org and Buildingmarkets.org, within the Investing in Humanitarian Action learning program framework (ISHA).

Hassan has conducted Organizational Capacity Assessment for more than 57 Syrian Organizations, 30 Iraqi Organizations, 10 Yemeni Organizations.

Moreover, Hassan has acted as project manager for more than 47 projects in various sectors funded by different donors such as GIZ, Expertise France (EF), Medecins Du Monde (MdM), UN Agencies, WorldVision (WV), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), Save The Children (SCI), Norwak and World Health Organization (WHO).

Before Bousla, Hassan was Capacity Building Director in Trust. Before Trust, Hassan was Chief Development Officer and Deputy CEO for the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM), where he was responsible for developing capacity building, designing strategy and establishing policies and procedures.