Hazem Zeitoun


A passionate for strategy, project management, and business development, Hazem thrives in a culture that drives innovation, change and results. For him strategy is not a matter of being better at what you do – but different at what you do. Hazem has 25 years of experience and has been working as a senior consultant and trainer for more than 15 years, providing consulting and training assignments for clients from different sectors around the world.

So many stories have shaped his core. Originally a pharmacist, Hazem holds an Ms in Marketing and holds the PMP accreditation as well as PMD Pro and project DPro Practitioner. Juggling between both industries, Hazem made the shift to satisfy his desire to serve others and help make the biggest leaps forward within teams, companies and organizations.

Believing in the value and benefits of cross industries learning and inoculation, his experience is split equally between the private and the not -for -profit sectors across the MENA region, Far East and Central Europe. This is the reason which inspired him to adopt PMD in 2011 when he started providing training and consulting services to NGO’s, especially after he experienced first-hand how heavy the PMP was for these organizations.

Hazem has been active in PMI until he headed the Jordan Chapter in 2010 for four years, during which the Chapter won “the Chapter of the Year Award”. The award was accredited for rolling out project management for schools’ curriculum which was delivered by volunteers to teach students (13-17) the principles of Project Management and help them applying it on real life projects for their schools and communities. They were 30 projects in total.

An advocate for more incorporation of risk management in the work of NGOs, Risk Management is one of Hazem’s favorite topics. He sees calculated risk-taking, exploring new ideas and methods as a necessity for continuous learning, self-development and personal growth..

Married with two kids, Hazem comes from the Middle East region, an area with certain “interesting dynamics” and where many of the development and humanitarian work takes place. He sees that this part of the world requires more adaptable approaches and in many occasions, tailor-made solutions.
He had the privilege of translating the first official editions of PMD Pro Guide and the Program Management Guide (Program DPro) into the Arabic Language.