Maulline Gragau

Maulline Gragau is an experienced legal, policy and legislative practitioner, scientist, internationally savvy and collaborative hybrid consultant with a history of stellar performance as a visionary leader and team player for innovating solutions that reduce inefficiencies and maximizes growth in firms, companies and non-profit organisations. She is not only used to wearing many hats but sincerely enjoys it! She is respected as a change agent who boldly questions the status quo, identifies opportunities where many believe there are none, and champions strategic initiatives that drive transformative legal, political, economic and cultural changes.

She has done extensive work with policymakers, marginalized/indigenous youth and women in Israel, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, and Botswana. By enabling marginalized communities to access and apply ICTs and through open access of legal information and trainings on design and systems thinking, project management, product/service positioning strategies, many beneficiaries have been able to leverage technology as an accelerator.

Maulline has received recognition for her work in policy, research, indigenous youth and entrepreneurship being awarded the Common Ground Research Networks Emerging Scholar Award 2021, First Runners-Up Activist of the Year Award 2021, and 2018 Yerima Balla Award for Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development. She has previously served as chairperson to the 2018 European Commission Marketplace of Ideas policy sub-team on renewable energy, the jury to the 2020 UNEP/CoalitionWILD – Young Champions of the Earth Competition, and is actively engaged in the Executive Committee of Energy Innovation Network and various Working Groups of Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP.