Michael Zhiqiang Chen


Michael Chen is the CEO of HANDA Rehabilitation & Welfare Association and the President of HANDA Social Service Development Center in China. He is an experienced Project Manager has been worked in development sector since 1999. He also serves as consultant and advisor for many international and Chinese NGOs for program and project management, providing training for thousands of NGOers. With medical background and as a medical doctor, he was a Temporary Expert for WHO for disease control programs. He has a passion for quality social service and development of social sector, especially in project and program management. He sits on several boards in social sector committing himself to developing sector and quality project and program management.

Michael is certificated as Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute and also qualified to PMD Pro Level 1, Level 2, Program PMD and FMD. He volunteered himself to translate the 2nd Edition Project DPro Guide and the PMD exam into Chinese. He has been engaged deeply in promoting Project and Program DPro in China and Asia, as he believes that professional project and program management will greatly improve the effectiveness and impact of international relief and development projects to bring a better world and harmonious society.