Mohamed Ziyad

Sri Lanka

Also supports India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, and all South Asian Countries.

Mohamed Ziyad is a 15+ years’ experienced development projects management specialist. He has managed projects in the area of Migration, Local Governance, Water and Sanitation, Capacity building for war effected community, Plantation worker’s rights, peace and reconciliation, combating human trafficking, language rights, democracy, gender mainstreaming, and strengthening government and civil society organization’s institutional development. He has worked with a number of International Non-Governmental Organizations.

Currently, He is the Programme lead at Centre for Development Research and Interventions and a founding Director of Centre for Social Solidarity. He holds bachelor in Language and Mass communication from Eastern University of Sri Lanka and LLB (Hons) from Buckinghamshire New University, UK. Further he is a holder of Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Human Rights form the University of Colombo. Currently, He is reading a Ph.D in International Relations at the University of Colombo. Ziyad as a social researcher has conducted researchers on Internally Displaced People, minority language rights as well as women victims of violence in Sri Lanka and COVID 19 Vs Women in local Politics.