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Obidah Alsayed Ali is a specialist consultant in Program Management in development (Program DPro) and Project Management in development (Project DPro) with more than 10 years’ experience with multiple INGOs and NGOs in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Turkey, with more than 3000 trainingfacilitation hours. He holds a MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering, and a diploma in Hospital Management from Canada Global Centre.

He is certified in Program Management in development (Program DPro), Project Management in development (Project DPro 1&2).

Since 2011 he has worked on civil society networking, marginalized groups engagement, conflict resolution and mediation. He is a professional facilitator, practitioner, and trainer on Technical Skills such as Theory of Change (TOC), Program Management in development (Program DPro), Project Management in development (Project DPro), Good Governance, Curriculum Development, and Social Network Analysis (SNA), and on Soft Skills such as Dialogue Facilitation, Mediation, Advocacy, and Leadership.

He held the position of Operations/Region Director in multiple NGOs, having the responsibility for managing all organization programs inside and outside Syria to ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders including beneficiaries and donors.  Before that, he held the position CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for one of the biggest hospitals in Syria during the conflict, with around 400 employees.

Obidah is now a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering.