PM4NGOs is the guardian of PMD Pro and other methodologies. We are also a platform to connect professionals and PMD Pro training organizations and, for that reason, we do not develop training courses.

If you are willing to become a PMD Pro Trainer or develop your PMD Pro Training Organization, please read our tips and recommendation below.

If you are just looking for a training course, visit our directory and search for the one that best attends your needs.

I want to become a trainer.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, these are the steps we recommend:

1. Are you PMD Pro Certified?

Although we recognize that holding other certifications is beneficial for a PMD Pro trainer, each best practice and methodology requires that you deeply know it to become its trainer. The project management techniques, tools, language, and processes are similar… but not the same.

We also strongly recommend that you get a minimum 80% score on the PMD Pro exam to become a trainer. That is a requirement from most of the current training organizations to accept your enrollment in their Training of Training courses.

2. Do you have practical experience in applying PMD Pro best practices and tools?

Before becoming a trainer, we recommend that you have at least one year of practical experience. This is not a requirement, but a good trainer must understand how PMD Pro tools and techniques work and respond to the project management day-to-day activities and challenges.

3. Do you have the experience in facilitating training courses?

You will not find training techniques in the PMD Pro Guide. If you do not have training skills, we strongly recommend that you take a training of trainers course.

4. What is the next step? How can I get training materials?

You are PMD Pro Certified with a score higher than 80%, you have had time to apply PMD Pro tools and techniques in a few projects, and you already have training skills. Now you can develop your own training materials, or:

  • Take a training course that also includes a ToT (Training of Trainers) module. The training organization will provide you with all materials required to start your own training groups; or
  • Contact one of the training organizations to establish a partnership and start your training courses.

5. What does PM4NGOs offer for PMD Pro Trainers?

We have a dedicated Trainers Hub in which you will find slide sets, training techniques, case studies, and access dedicated webinars and meetings. Several trainers from different parts of the world share their experiences and materials and, most importantly, learn from each other how to better deliver PMD Pro training.

The access to the trainers’ hub is free of cost, but you are required to meet one of the following conditions:

  • You need a written recommendation from one PM4NGOs Board Member; or
  • You need to be sponsored by one trainer hub member whose organization is also listed in the PM4NGOs’ Directory. You must be associated or employed by the same organization as your sponsor; or
  • You need a recommended by a minimum of three trainers’ hub members.

PM4NGOs team will analyze your request, and verify if you are eligible to join the Trainers Hub.

If you are not able to meet one of these conditions, you will have to apply as a training organization, after running your first PMD Pro training course. Please see below.

I want my organization to be listed at the PM4NGOs directory.

It is important to acknowledge that PM4NGOs does not accredit training organizations.PM4NGOs directory is a free service developed to help professionals finding PMD Pro training courses.

The organizations listed in our directory are:

  • The ones involved in PMD Pro development and training PMD Pro since its very beginning; or
  • They have been trained by the former ones; or
  • They have met the criteria and process described below.

If your organization is willing to offer PMD Pro training courses, we strongly recommend that you contact one of the current training organizations and search for a partnership. That would help you establish the course content, materials, techniques, and content.

If you would like to have your organization listed in the PM4NGOs directory, your organization must:

1. Run PMD Pro training courses, or courses of any other PM4NGOs best practice or methodology.

  • It is required that your organization run at least one course every quarter.

2. After running at least one PMD Pro training course, please contact our team and submit:

  • Two videos of one PMD Pro training course (5 minutes each) showing different sessions.
  • The trainer(s) name(s), contact information, and PMD Pro Certification(s).
  • The list of the course trainees, with their contact information.
  • The trainees’ PMD pro certificates (the ones who have passed the exam).
  • The feedback / evaluation form that you have applied to the trainees.

3. Organizations listed on our directory must provide some or all of the information and documents requested in Item 2 based on their course delivery in the previous 12 months, if requested by PM4NGOs.

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact our team.