We invite new trainers and training organizations to develop their own training courses and help us disseminating PMD Pro and PgMD Pro.

PM4NGOs maintains a global network of training providers for professionals seeking the PMD Pro and the PgMD Pro certifications. Becoming a training partner your organization will join this network, increase visibility, and access to training opportunities presented to PM4NGOs.

Download the Training Partners Brochure here.

Why become a PM4NGOs Training Partner?

One you (as independent trainer) or your organization becomes a PM4NGOs  trainer partner, we will:

  • Advertise the partnership with your organization at our website, communications materials (when applicable), and through our communications channels.
  • Actively support marketing and promotion of your organization’s training courses, sharing them at our agenda, social media, website, and mail lists.
  • Support trainers and trainees through continuing professional development opportunities, such as webinars, tools, materials, and other activities.
  • Grant your trainers early access to new guides, giving the opportunity to contribute through feedbacks and suggestions and, more importantly, develop or update your organization’s training materials before official guides’ launch.
  • Share with your organization tools, templates, case studies, success stories, and learning materials before they are shared with practitioners and the public.
  • Preferable select your organization for translating PM4NGOs’ guides and materials (volunteer or funded translation initiatives).
  • Invite your organization to be panelists at PM4NGOs Webinars and to write articles and supplemental materials.
  • Provide periodic detailed statistics reports of PMD Pro and PgMD Pro certification, and the PMD Pro+ Programme.

How to become a trainer partner

First of all, your organization must be developing or willing to start PMD Pro and/or PgMD Pro training courses. It is also mandatory that trainers are certified in the methodology that they facilitate or will facilitate. Your organization must also meet the following criteria:

  • Alignment materials and communications with the PM4NGOs policy and communication rules.
  • Share basic statistics training courses (number of participants and successful certifications)
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement of courses based on student feedback.
  • Trainers must be enrolled in the PMD Pro+ or provide evidence of continuing improvement in their learning methods and enhancing their skills
  • Attend our Code of Ethics and be approved by the PM4NGOs Training Partners Committee.
  • Payment of an annual fee.

Annual Subscription Fee

The annual subscription is based on your organization’s area of operation, starting as $300/year for local training organizations (one country) and individual trainers. Check all tiers at our training partners subscription fees pages.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the online form or contact our team and request the offline application form.
  2. The PM4NGOs team and Training Partners Committee will analyze your information and contact your organization.
  3. If approved, PM4NGOs will send your organization an acknowledgement with further instructions and contract.

Frequent Questions

PM4NGOs is the organization that owns PMD Pro and PgMD Pro methodologies, guides, and certification exam scheme.

Each training organization and trainer is responsible for developing their own training materials. 

In other words, PMD Pro and PgMD Pro content is available free of any cost for anyone who wants to develop its own training materials and course, under the Creative Commons BY NC.

Yes! Anyone can develop its own training course and help disseminating PMD Pro and PgMD Pro.

Read our recommendations to become a trainer below. 

No. PM4NGOs does not accredit training organizations or trainers.

Trainers and training organizations are complete independent partners that are responsible for the training courses and services they offer.

No, there is no exclusivity of PMD Pro or PgMD Pro training, neither per region / country or any other criteria.

We encourage new trainers and training organizations to develop their own training courses and help us disseminating PMD Pro and PgMD Pro.

Recommendations to become a PMD Pro or PgMD Pro trainer.

1. Are you PMD Pro or PgMD Pro Certified?

Although we recognize that holding other certifications is beneficial for a PMD Pro and a PgMD Pro trainer, each best practice and methodology requires that you deeply know it to become its trainer. The project management techniques, tools, language, and processes are similar… but not the same.

We also strongly recommend that you get a minimum 80% score on the PMD Pro or PgMD Pro exam to become a trainer. That is a requirement from most of the current training organizations to accept your enrollment in their Training of Training courses.

2. Do you have practical experience in applying PMD Pro  or PgMD Pro best practices and tools?

Before becoming a trainer, we recommend that you have at least one year of practical experience. This is not a requirement, but a good trainer must understand how PMD Pro or PgMD Pro tools and techniques work and respond to the project / program management day-to-day activities and challenges.

3. Do you have the experience in facilitating training courses?

You will not find training techniques in the PMD Pro or PgMD Pro Guide. If you do not have training skills, we strongly recommend that you take a training of trainers course. You should make sure you have the necessary facilitation competencies before undertaking to train others.