As an independent certifying organization, PM4NGOs does not offer training courses, but relies upon multiple training partners globally to expand access to project management approaches and practices. We serve as a platform to connect professionals, organizations, and training providers to advance the discipline of project management.

Training partners are independent organizations that are responsible for the training courses and services they offer. Although PM4NGOs does not accredit training organizations or trainers, we work closely with them in an open manner to produce and share high quality and most updated training materials.

Prospective Training Partners are organizations that have recently applied to join the Training Partners Program. These organizations are working with the PM4NGOs support and other training partners to attend all requirements and become an effective PM4NGOs Training Partner.

Click here if you would like to read about requirements and become a PM4NGOs Training Partner, or access our Training Partners Directory and find the one with the methodology, language, or location of your preference.