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PMD Pro Story and Background

PMD Pro – Why is it important for the sector?

This video presents the feedback from professionals around the world about the PMD Pro Best Practices.

This animation explores the PMD Pro phases and tools – putting all together in a comprehensive overview of the methodology.

John Cropper, Vice Chair of PM4NGOs Board, talks about the benefits of our PMD Pro scheme for Project Managers working in NGOs and humanitarian organizations.

Eric Berg, former Executive Director of LINGOs (actual Humentum) speaks about the origins of the PMD Pro certification scheme.

An interview with John Cropper, Vice Chair of PM4NGOs Board and Director, Project Services, at Humentum, talks about the PMD Pro certification, its benefits for those working in the NGO sector and how it can help them deliver successful projects. 

This video touches upon how to take an exam, some important links, how to download the free guide and if training is required.

Participants describe the importance of improved project management in the NGO sector and how the GEPAL project is helping them to do that in Guatemala, Panama, Brazil and Paraguay.

PMD Pro Starter

Two minute animated videos that cover some of the PMD Pro phases and tools.

Project Phase Model

Problem Tree

Objective Tree


Project Charter

Project Implementation Plan

Work Breaking Down Structure

Network Diagram

Gantt Chart


Risk Register

RACI Diagram

Issue Log

Change Control Diagram

Project Closure

After Action Review

Visit the PMD Pro Starter website to access templates and training materials. 


Webinar (Português):
Identificação e Gestão de Pressupostos na prática – Parceria com Quintessência

Webinar (Português):
Programas X Projetos Grandes ou Contínuos – 2a edição – Parceria com RedColaborar

Webinar (Español):
Programas vs Proyectos “Grandes” o Continuos

Webinar (English): 
Positive Risks –  identification and management

Webinar (Português):
Programas X Projetos “Grandes ou Contínuos

Webinar (English):
Programs vs Big Projects – is there any difference?

Webinar (English): 
Everyone needs a Mentor

Webinar (English):
M&E: Phase or Integrated Principle

Webinar (English):
Should we consider evaluation at a project level, or simply monitoring and control?

Webinar (English):
PMD Pro Guide Rewrite 2018

Project Management for Development Professionals – Doing the Right Projects, in the Right Way

Project Management for Development Professionals – The PMD Pro Story

PMDPro – Embedding Project Management In An Organization

Other Methodologies Videos & Webinars

Agile Methodology​

In this video (“I want to run an agile project”) we follow the experiences of one such brave project leader, Luke, as he has many different encounters throughout the enterprise, working to establish and deliver his Agile project. 

In this video (“I want to run an agile project, part II”) we follow the continuous journey of our brave project leader, Luke, as he has a new Agile opportunity with a custom software outsource provider.  However, he encounters some challenges proposing some beneficial practices. 

Case Studies and Examples of Success

Testimonials from PMD Pro learners